Good Buy, Australia! By James Reed

Something that used to be only discussed at the blog, and by, now is getting exposure in the mainstream media. Wealthy Chinese are flying in and buying up posh Australian real estate, right across the country, but especially in Melbourne. The story is below.

For most of us, that probably is not as significant as the lower-level buy ups of property that ordinary Australians are competing for, but it does show an attitude. Australia has been led by its elites, both Labor and Liberal, into the “sell off” the farm attitude, lacking national pride and any sense of identity, being deracinated to oblivion.  These sorts of land buy ups do not occur in much of South East Asia, and one would certainly not be able to do this in communist China. Yet, it is part of what remains of Australian culture, and is a form of cultural and national suicide.

With mass Great Replacement migration, buy ups of land, and the dispossession of traditional Australia, it is not hard to see where this will all end up. I always remark, that as the world heads into war, how will Australia deal with what is most likely already a mass occupation of communist PLA males, many no doubt coming in as students? Probably by a new “Brisbane Line” set down below Tasmania! I would be thinking of going off-grid out of the city when the mud hits the fan, just around the corner.

“Cashed-up Chinese buyers are taking private jets to Melbourne to purchase luxury mansions in the city's most expensive suburb, an Australian buyer's agent reveals. 

Buyer's agent and property developer Alex Bragilevsky says 90 per cent of his buyers now come from China.

In the last six months, the buyer's agent has facilitated a whopping $135 million in real estate deals  - and all were Chinese buyers.

Mr Bragilevsky said some of the international buyers arrive in Melbourne on a private jet and will pay over asking for a luxury home they want. 

'They come to Melbourne on a private jet, and I'll meet them at the airport with a nice car. Then we go out and look at real estate,' he said the Australian Financial Review.

He added that the ‘Chinese will pay over the odds for single dwellings,' in the neighbourhood as it secures them a family home located near prestigious schools for their children. 

One sale facilitated by Mr Bragilevsky was a 1930s mansion on Ottawa Road sold to Chinese buyer Xin Zhang for $21.5million. 

He also sold a modern mansion earlier in the year to Chinese client and chief executive of UK-based clothing manufacturer Yunhan Jin Du. 

The mansion, located on Whernside Avenue, set a record price for the street after it was sold for  $33.5 million. 

Mr Bragilevsky said his Chinese clients typically write cheques or deposit money on the spot to purchase a home, while about 10-15 buyers pay cash for a luxury home.

Foreign buyers are playing an increasingly important role in the country's housing market, according to NAB's latest quarterly Australian Residential Property survey.

The data showed foreign shares have increased for the fourth straight quarter and now account for 10 per cent of the market - marking a five year high. 

Chinese buyers made up the greatest proportion of foreign investors, with some figures suggesting they spend on average $8 million a day.

Treasury figures showed, China was the largest source of investment in Australian residential real estate from January 2022 to March 2023.

During those nine months alone, Chinese investors spent $2.3billion, which would equate to $8.4million a day, snapping up 1,775 properties.

After China, the largest sources of residential investment were from Hong Kong and Vietnam - both with $400million.

India, where Anthony Albanese is now trying to attract investment, is in sixth place.”




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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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