Go Ahead, Make My Day: Sue the Universities!! By James Reed

     I just want to put the idea out there, but students across Australia are all going on-line because of social distancing, receiving tuition less than what they were offered when they enrolled. Hello, breach of contract, if I remember my TV legal shows. So, why not follow the American way and sue, because litigation is the one thing that makes America great, and that China is sorely lacking in, being a totalitarians society that makes all of our goods, like face masks, and likes buying up our farms, for no reason at all.

“College students are in revolt against their universities as the institutions have refused to budge on tuition reimbursements or reductions while offering sub-par remote learning classes in online-only format. "The coronavirus crisis is forcing a reckoning over the price and value of higher education," The Washington Post wrote earlier. Angry students and their parents are in some cases suing their schools. The suits focus on everything from seeking significant tuition reimbursements - hinging on the argument that normal higher class prices are tailored to the costs associated with physical classroom instruction - to full refunds for campus housing and meal plans (some schools have offered housing prorated refunds and campus fees, while others haven't returned anything). Forbes detailed some of the latest class action lawsuits as follows: "Students at the University of Miami have filed a class action lawsuit claiming they have paid for in-person courses at a higher rate and, with online instruction, they aren’t getting what they paid for this semester. Students at Drexel University in Pennsylvania have filed a similar suit asking for tuition refunds." But school administrations have remained aloof to student demands given schools are already losing tens of millions in campus and summer fees given shutdowns, also as the question of whether in-person instruction will even happen next Fall is a huge unknown, potentially delivering a financial fatal blow to a number of already struggling schools. Endowment values have plunged along with markets to boot. "Schools geared toward full-time students... offer, in normal times, academic programs with a personal touch, including seminars, laboratory classes, office hours and research opportunities with faculty," WaPo wrote.”

     So, how long until universities are broke for capitulating on tuition? I say: the sooner the better! And if China can be sued, then why not the universities?



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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