Ghoulish Waves for the Future By Peter West

     Surfing through Natural, I followed a common thread of articles about our dystopic future, many hard to believe. To begin,

     A Canadian company which sought to have an “eco-friendly” approach to disposal of human remains, used the process of alkaline hydrolysis to dissolve bodies. The only problem was that the remains ended up in the sewage system, going out to sea. Human bodies today are rather toxic, with lots of heavy metals, so this was not fair on the fish. Bodies that are not liquefied may end up being part of a growing global market for such parts:

“According to a recent Reuters expose, some U.S. body brokers have been caught defrauding customers by selling body parts infected with communicable diseases. American body brokers have supplied body parts to at least 45 nations since 2008, including Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, Mexico, Israel and Italy. The demand for American body parts is very high because in many places, religious traditions or laws ban the dissection of dead human bodies. The U.S., on the other hand, does not regulate the sale of body parts that have been donated. One company, MedCure, sells and leases as many as 10,000 body parts from American donors each year; around 20 percent of these end up going overseas. The company is currently the subject of a federal investigation. The FBI raided their headquarters in Portland last year. The search warrant is sealed, but some insiders have indicated it is related to overseas shipping.”

     One issue which is always on the hearts of our md scientists is to produce a human chimp hybrid. Apparently, it is genetically possible, but despite dabbling in the area there is no uncontroversial evidence that such a poor being has been created. We hope that this is an area where God may intervene to slap evil “children” on the hand.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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