Get Some of Your Own Back, New Class! Bury the Universities in Infinity Educated Migrants! By James Reed

     Donald Trump, who obeys his son-in-law Jared, the real president’s every command, has indicated that all the jobs he allegedly created by his economic white magic will be soaked up by migrants. Wow … even Obama was not that bad, and it sure makes all those MAGA folks look mighty stupid backing this fat goose, but I suppose Hillary Clinton would have been the next worst president to Satan Prince of Darkness, so what can a man do? Anyway, I am writing this diatribe because the university new class embryos, the students, are going to cop it now, and it sure is about time:

“The White House’s draft immigration plan includes valuable border security reforms, but it also shifts the migrant inflow from blue-collar jobs towards white-collar college jobs, so sharpening workplace competition for a wide range of American graduates. The bill would neither increase nor reduce total legal immigration, now at roughly 1.1 million per year. But it would reallocate green cards for family chain-migrants — such as immigrants’ parents, adult children, and siblings – towards “merit-based” slots for migrants with the job skills most sought by U.S. employers. “What we’re doing in this plan is we’re working on keeping the number the same,” a senior White House official said Tuesday. “We’re just changing the composition.” “We’ve been playing around with it to figure out how you build something that really works for America,” the official said, according to Politico. “The number one goal in that is to make sure that we’re not bringing in low-skilled labor.”

The proposed deal is being cautiously supported by the Federation of American Immigration Reform. Politico reported:

“The American people expect a plan that addresses chaos at the border and moves the nation to an immigration model that emphasizes skills over bloodlines,” said RJ Hauman, government relations director at FAIR, who has been in touch with the White House. “Jared Kushner and his team understand this and we’re encouraged by what we’ve heard this week.” However, any shift from blue-collar migration to white-collar migration will increase job competition for American graduates, said Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. The plan, if it goes into effect, would lessen the pressure on blue-collar workers, but it would almost certainly up the wage pressure on middle-class white collars, because they’re talking about admitting hundreds of thousands of higher skilled [graduates] every year … There will be lots and lots more graduates from universities in India and China and Nigeria who are going be directly competing with young people from the suburbs of Washington D.C. … and Atlantia and Chicago and L.A. In 2018, many GOP candidates lost when upper-income suburbanites switched to Democrats.

The sketchy outlines of the bill suggest it will boost the annual award of green cards directly to graduates from roughly 50,000 to at least 250,000, on top of the family migrants who hold college degrees, he said.
Right now in L.A., for instance, immigration is now skewed pretty heavily towards less-skilled workers. But the emphasis will shift and there will be a lot more competition for 21-year-old [American] college graduates trying to get a job. The competition also may be greater for [older] mid-career graduates because young Americans are relatively cheap to employers. A middle-aged white-collar American graduate is much more expensive to employers than a desperate young graduate of a college in Bangalore, India.

Another concern is that unreleased details in the bill may turbocharge the inflow of foreign graduates into U.S. jobs via the various temporary, non-immigrant work-permit programs, he said, adding:

If the new system were to give [migrants some] points for having already worked in the United States, that would create an enormous incentive to come in here on some kind of temporary [work permit] and work here to get [green card] points. It would perpetuate the indentured servitude element of many of our guest-worker programs. “That’s speculation,” he added. Currently, at least 500,000 foreign graduates are using temporary work permits to work U.S. jobs, often at very low wages. Their goal is to use the jobs to get green cards from the federal government, usually via the H-1B visa program.”

     University types are typically big on immigration because it gives them an opportunity to rise up like frilled neck lizards and take the high moral ground. Well, let’s take away their jobs, and that applies to Australia too, and before that take away their university position and give them to migrants, as it is just the pc thing to do. See if their attitude changes when these over-educated fools are tossed onto the dole queues, having to struggle to get enough food to eat each week, just like us deplorables. Then, take away their dole and give it to the starving  of Africa, for isn’t that the Leftist thing to do?

     It feels so good to be on the dizzy heights of high moral ground, looking down at everybody, throwing the hard rocks of political correctness.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022