Get Ready Oz for A Bit of Home-Grown Terrorism! by Michael Ferguson

First we were warned about “Generation Jihad Threat Looms” (The Australian, September 21, 2016, p. 1) – the return of dozens of “Australian children from Islamic State-controlled Syria and Iraq.” That problems is how to “reintegrate a generation of battle-scarred children back into community life.” Many of these children were taken by their parents to the war zones, the parents being fighters. There are thought to be 110 Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq and they will pose a threat to Australia upon return. More on that, later.

Now, here is the twist: Many of the children are not Australian citizens, but if it was shown that their parents, mainly fathers, were Australian, Australia would be likely to take them even without parents. Some of these children are the product of Australian men who raped local women, such as the Yazidis, who ISIS hoped to destroy because of its “blonde bloodline.” On the racial genocide aspects of this see: “ISIS Wants to Impregnate Yazidi Women and Smash Our Blond Bloodline”: Fears Grow for the 300 Women Kidnapped from Sinjar,” Daily Mail Australia, August 14 2014. Apparently Australia has a legal and moral obligation to raise these children. Got that?

That being said, taking in the children will result in massive social problems of a magnitude not yet encountered by schools and child welfare authorities. Further, the political position of these children of ISIS fighters is not likely to be liberal and more likely to be pro-ISIS. Would Australia be importing potential home-grown terrorism? Since home-grown terrorism is now a problem across the West, this problem cannot be dismissed. And even if the children were not pro-ISIS, the social welfare costs over their lifetime will be massive. But because it is a “children issue,” nothing gets the new class so soft and sentimental – unless it is, of course Anglo-children. Then it is “white privilege.”

If that wasn’t problem enough, the counter-terrorist agency of the Australian Federal Police have warned that dozens of Islamic State terrorists returning to Australia will not be prosecuted because it is too difficult to obtain evidence (The Australian, September 26, 2016, p. 1). So “Australia is facing a new wave in the terror threat.” How did this all happen?

Any sane society would simply not let these terrorists back in and would pass laws stripping them of their citizenship. Sane societies elsewhere, such as China, would not allow these sorts of problems – all due to immigration and multiculturalism – to arise in the first place.

What would the pro-immigration/multicult lobby say if the future Australian home-grown terrorists start attacking, rather than innocent people or even public infrastructure – the private sector; banks, financial institutions, the media, Big Business corporations and even the universities – in short, the Establishment? If this terrible event happens, which I hope will not, will the establishment admit that a big migration mistake has been made? I doubt it.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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