George Soros’ Agenda by Paul Walker

Uber-globalist, Jewish billionaire investor George Soros has pledge $US 500 million in investments to assist refugees and migrants through his Open Society Foundations, a network of causes supporting globalist agendas. The main thrust of the new programme will be to assist migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, not to help them back to their homelands of course, but to settle in Europe (“the new normal”).

Along with this 51 corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, have collectively pledged $US 650 million for the same lucky folk. Again, the aim is resettlement and “integration”, not to deal with the problem which led to a majority of young men of military age who could have fought tyranny, fleeing with their mobile phones and “V” for victory signs to Europe for their safety.

The aim of the Open Society Foundations, as recent leaks via Wikileaks has established, is to encourage mass migration to the West. This as I see it, is one way of breaking down national sovereignty and establishing World Government.
Ironically, the “open society” idea comes from Sir Karl Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies, which was a critique of collectivism in all its forms. The true “open society” is a democracy with maximum free speech and civil liberties; Soros’ “open society” is open in the sense of open borders and endless migrant flows which he has lobbied for.

The internet leaks have also established that Soros has been a cheque writer for #blacklivesmatter and multi-million donor on the Clinton presidential campaign.

Soros is not part of any global “conspiracy,” as this agenda is not conspiratorial or secret. Perhaps it was decades ago, but now in the West, all that he and his class of super-capitalists represent is by definition the Establishment. Those like us defending the nation state, national sovereignty, and even our right for our kind to exist, are the “conspirators” now. According to the New World Order morality, we are the “bad guys,” the “deplorables.”
Thus, let the revolt of the slaves begin.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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