Genetic Decline and the Coming Collapse, By Brian Simpson

Professor Ed Dutton has recently published Breeding the Human Herd, a controversial study in human biodiversity and genetics, but a book which raises important questions about human survival, that even the alternative thinkers are not fully facing. He discusses the long-term evolutionary effects of mass immigration, medical care and the welfare society upon human genetic health. And the diagnosis is not good, with conclusions similar to the Mouse Utopia experiment which has been discussed previously at the blog:

Professor Dutton sees modern society, dominated by the ideologies of the Left, as facing genetic decline, nay, disaster. There has been a notable fall in IQ levels across the world, with controversies about the causes, but Dutton argues for genetic decline through race mixing and declining birth rates of the higher IQ people as being the primary cause. He does not go into much detail about epigenetic causes such a gene environment interaction from toxic chemicals, but that is one more factor among others. Along with this, the advanced nations, those with high IQ, have a birth crash, with women failing to reproduce in sufficient numbers to keep the population stable. Hence the elites bring in migrants, and these are primarily from the Third World, with higher net reproduction rates. Thus, a Great Replacement is occurring.

The endgame of all this is not pleasant, for it is likely to result in a collapse of modern techno-industrial civilisation without some immediate action, which is difficult to implement. But at least the problem has been put starkly before us.

"Heredity matters, more than ever. Professor Dutton's important, richly annotated 316-page book, Breeding the Human Herd, published by Imperium Press, follows, and to some extent recapitulates, his previously co-authored At Our Wit's End, which discussed the continual decline of creative intelligence among northern nations. His neo-Darwinian theme is the long-term adverse impact from medicine and welfare upon natural selection among human beings.

This erudite account is deeply disturbing, no less so because the present partly gene-determined social breakdown was long foreseen by qualified thinkers who recommended pro-active measures. Exactly a hundred years ago, the famous social psychologist William McDougall, for instance, predicted at some length how the differential birth-rate between those gifted with good brains and upright character, and the parasitically feckless, could result in the collapse our civilization, followed by a huge influx from distant less developed regions. In 1977 the sociologist Elmer Pendell published an examination of many societies that had destroyed themselves through mental decline.

Worth revisiting online are similarly wise words, briefly cited by Ed Dutton (p.253), voiced fifty years ago by the politician Sir Keith Joseph, promptly berated for alluding to the ineptitude of a relatively proliferating underclass, and since foolishly disregarded. Today over two million "long-term sickness" claimants remain in tax-funded idleness. The general UK fertility rate is now calculated around 1.5 per female, but with officially classified "White British" live-births exceeded proportionately by foreign mothers, almost a quarter-million probably from illegal immigrants. With over a million people arriving here annually, "social housing" for those born overseas has doubled in London during the past decade.

As the late Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sachs warned in a 2009 Theos lecture, "Europe is dying" because "consumerism and instant gratification" undermine responsible parenthood. Today, white people, and the ablest individuals among them, are not reproducing in sufficient numbers. Too many thinking western women in a worrying world are on birth-strike, either "selfishly" preferring profitable careers to motherhood burdens, or "selflessly" claiming to "save the planet" from overpopulation – elsewhere. Sub-Saharan countries have fertility rates well above 2.1. This new landmark book corroborates the serious reasons for concern.

In "basket-case" Britain, medical waiting lists escalate, along with "neurodiversity" diagnoses, multiple drug addictions and sexually transmitted diseases. "Black men are ten times more likely" than white men to experience "a psychotic disorder" (IRR online statistics). Ironically, at least half a million "carers" are Afro-Asians, whose visa exceptions for this expanding if low-paid occupation have been exploited by would-be migrants of different kinds. Criminals and terrorists have slipped in. One police crime matrix listing violent gang membership at 80% from the census-defined "black" category had to be banned.

Dr Dutton covers numerous subjects, from allergies, psychopathy and gender dysphoria, to IQ, conservatism and religion. In some details his summary of the rise and fall of eugenic policy supplements Robert Peel's edited Essays in the History of Eugenics and David Galton's Eugenics. He does not miss much, his expectation that the Galton Institute would drop its supposedly embarrassing eponym now confirmed. A pioneer in eugenics advocacy, this society was not merely pushed leftwards like other organisations but its purpose has been totally reversed as a "forum" explicitly "repudiating all eugenic agendas".

Sir Francis Galton developed eugenics partly to prevent intellectual decline, which factor in the growing chaos was noted by this reviewer on the Euro-Canadian website in February. Far from being a "war on the weak" (Edwin Black) and the "foulest idea of the 20 th century" (Jonathan Freedland), it aimed to reduce painful suffering and improve socially beneficial abilities in future generations. Some propagandists bracket humanitarian eugenicists like Helen Keller, Hermann Muller and Sir Julian Huxley with Hitler. The degree of hostile comment, … suggests unenlightened complacency about eventual multiplication of incurable illness, criminality and stupidity in the real world.

Biologists and writers sympathetic to human genetic improvement have suffered "cancellation", a recent minor yet significant case is that of Steven Hsu (p.243/cf. Wikipedia). Against criticism like Allan Chase's Legacy of Malthus, Siddhartha Mukherjee's The Gene or Adam Rutherford's Control, contrary views appear in Dysgenics by Richard Lynn (2011 ed), Enhancing Evolution by John Harris (2010), and DNA by James Watson (2004). …

Dr Dutton's depicts himself as a "jolly heretic" online. Various assertions in this wide-ranging study will seem heretical in the current ideological climate, but there is nothing jolly about his somewhat pessimistic prognosis. How late is it for remedial actions, let alone the positive control of evolution? Restoration of traditional values in careful marriage and healthy child-raising will be difficult, especially since the hitherto predominant western religion joins socialism and democracy in an egalitarian disposition to transfer existing resources from the productive to the less capable, taking "no thought for the morrow".

Is it illegitimate in principle to encourage notably talented couples to have children, and minimise transmissible handicaps like TSD, cystic fibrosis or even sicklemia? Or to curb overpopulation in regions facing famine and military competition for resources? Those who care for the inheritance bequeathed by our own ancestors, and the security and happiness of our children and grandchildren, however few, should carefully consider informative books such as this one, however rare, and put our heads together to formulate an effective and acceptable course of action." 



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