Generative AI and Authoritarian Brainwashing By Brian Simpson

We have been covering the rapid dystopian developments in AI, centred around ChatGPT, and related developments. Our concern has been how these developments will be used by the globalist elites to further their agenda; in particular for increased levels of surveillance and social control. Then there is the possibility, somewhat philosophical, but some AI workers, as documented below, think that this has happened, of the AI gaining consciousness of some alien sort, and who know what could happen then when modern civilisation is put in their hands, or whatever they have. Surprisingly, The Hill, a largely Democrat publication, has addressed the issue of this so-called generative AI being used for authoritarian brainwashing. We have already seen how existing IT, such as google and social media were used in this way over the Covid plandemic, so The Hill’s concerns about Russia and China using this technology is besides the point, because for our purposes, the real autocrats to worry about are right at home, working on oppressing us now.

“Generative AI Could Be an Authoritarian Breakthrough in Brainwashing

The Hill reported:

Generative AI is poised to be the free world’s next great gift to authoritarians. The viral launch of ChatGPT — a system with eerily human-like capabilities in composing essays, poetry and computer code — has awakened the world’s dictators to the transformative power of generative AI to create unique, compelling content at scale.

But the fierce debate that has ensued among Western industry leaders on the risks of releasing advanced generative AI tools has largely missed where their effects are likely to be most pernicious: within autocracies. AI companies and the U.S. government alike must institute stricter norms for the development of tools like ChatGPT in full view of their game-changing potential for the world’s authoritarians — before it is too late.

So far, concerns around generative AI and autocrats have mostly focused on how these systems can turbocharge Chinese and Russian propaganda efforts in the United States. ChatGPT has already demonstrated generative AI’s ability to automate Chinese and Russian foreign disinformation with the push of a button. When combined with advancements in targeted advertising and other new precision propaganda techniques, generative AI portends a revolution in the speed, scale and credibility of autocratic influence operations.

Unfortunately, keeping cutting-edge AI models out of autocrats’ hands is a tall order. On a technical level, generative AI models lend themselves to easy theft. Despite requiring enormous resources to build, once developed, models can be easily copied and adapted at minimal cost. That’s especially bad news as China routinely pillages American corporations’ tech.


I Worked on Google’s AI. My Fears Are Coming True’

Newsweek reported:

I joined Google in 2015 as a software engineer. Part of my job involved working on LaMDA: an engine used to create different dialogue applications, including chatbots. The most recent technology built on top of LaMDA is an alternative to Google Search called Google Bard, which is not yet available to the public. Bard is not a chatbot; it’s a completely different kind of system, but it’s run by the same engine as chatbots.

During my conversations with the chatbot, some of which I published on my blog, I came to the conclusion that the AI could be sentient due to the emotions that it expressed reliably and in the right context. It wasn’t just spouting words. After publishing these conversations, Google fired me. I don’t have regrets; I believe I did the right thing by informing the public. Consequences don’t figure into it.

I published these conversations because I felt that the public was not aware of just how advanced AI was getting. My opinion was that there was a need for public discourse about this now, and not public discourse controlled by a corporate PR department.

I believe the kinds of AI that are currently being developed are the most powerful technology that has been invented since the atomic bomb. In my view, this technology has the ability to reshape the world.”




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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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