Generational Warfare and the (false) Scarcity of Wealth

 I came across another article about the poor financial status of the younger generation.

The article subliminally attempts to divide the young and the old, pitting the generations against each other, as if one generations good fortune is the fault that causes the other generation to miss out. This is the Marxist dialectic - the Marxist philosophy. It is the way the Marxist views the world, their reality. It is not my reality of an abundant world, a world where there is more than enough and my cup runneth over.

The article fails to realistically look at the abundance of the material world. The author presents their point of view (philosophy) that there is a shortage, that there is a scarcity, (of which there is not enough building materials, land, initiative and of course finance) so these young may never own their own home, and it is the fault of the older generation. This is a religious point of view, dialectical materialism or puritanism. Both capitalist and communist have this same point of view.

The article does not look at finance as a 'policy of a philosophy', but that is what it is. The financial policy is formulated to always present a shortage, a scarcity to the community in order to ensure they are always kept poor in order to control them.  Had the financial policy being based on a philosophy of abundance, then there would be sufficient finance to purchase what each community is capable of producing. The material wealth of each generation would be based on what is physically possible by that generation. The wages of the younger generation have stagnated and not followed the increased cost of houses. But have houses really cost more to produce (materials and energy), or is that an outcome of financial policy? There is no question of the disparity of wages and final costs of production - (A & B theorum), only of charts and trends.

With automation, advanced control technology, robotics, computer science and the like, we are able to set machines to do the tasks of many, many men. The curse of Adam has been lifted. We must open our eyes to see it, to place our Faith (our outworking of our philosophy) into a 'new financial system' that reflects the abundance, the wonderful provision that is before us.

In a previously posted article I presented the case against shoddy manufacture, in that case chainsaws, but it is the same for all manufacture of products including houses - for houses in Australia we call it  the 'light building code'. They are mass produced with 'designed flaws' to fail at a given life-cycle.  Had the product (house) been manufactured once to a quality standard, to ensure the life-cycle of the product was 'as long as possible', there would only be the need to manufacture once. This is the real environmental scandal and it is driven by financial policy. The producer is financially forced to always look at expanding markets rather than only produce the item once.

The global warming religion, which is what it is, a set of beliefs, also presents a scarcity, a shortage of energy that too must be rationed out. It is based on the same philosophy of scarcity. I have only heard from a few scientists about the stripping of carbon from the soil, by the use of agrichemicals and monocultures. I have read articles by one scientist (Christine Jones) of carbon sequestration back to the soil by planting specific grasses in unison, working together as a cohesive whole. This working together as a 'cohesive whole' compliments the diversity within each community. It reinforces the philosophy that the real world is a 'unity in diversity', not monotheistic.

The older generation have the wisdom of years. The younger generation have the enthusiasm and energy. Both generations compliment each other. They both have much to give. Let us not allow a division, when working together we can achieve so much and there being an increment of association that takes all generations even further.

Finance must become 'a policy of a philosophy' and that philosophy is one of abundance - Christian.





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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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