From the Hunter Biden Laptop to Ashley Biden’s Diary of Abuse; Imagine if it was Trump! By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

The Hunter Biden laptop was once discounted by the mainstream media as a Russian hoax. But, after a time of revealing revelations, it was accepted as authentic, and is now being used in a trial against Hunter Biden, President Biden's son. As well, the diary of troubled Ashley Biden, was left behind at a drug and alcohol rehab centre, and was sold. The media focussed upon the actual sale rather than the contents.

Now Ashley Biden has said the diary is authentic. Inside is the revelation that she may have been sexually molested by her father the president; it is not clear, but suggestive. The media has ignored this, and the police authorities have not investigated it. If the scenario was Trump it would be covered 24/7. But Joe Biden, with his sniffing of children's hair, is given a free run by Leftists. Yes, it is a gruesome topic, but it should not be avoided, about the leader of the so-called free world.

This example shows the Left are not concerned with morality and what is right, but only their will to power.

"The evolution of Hunter Biden laptop denial over the last three and a half years has been mind-boggling.

You need a chart to keep up.

First the laptop was a non-story (thanks, NPR).

Then it was "hacked material" (thanks, Twitter).

Then it was "Russian disinformation" (thanks, CIA).

Then it was a "Russian plant" (thanks, Joe Biden).

Then it was "stolen" by Russians.

(Hunter weighed in with crystal clarity: "I have no idea … There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.")

Then it was "hacked by Rudy Giuliani" (thanks, Kevin "Sugar Brother" Morris).

And now it is the backbone of the prosecution case against the first son in the felony gun trial he faces in Delaware in a little over a week.

"The defendant's theory about the laptop is a conspiracy theory with no supporting evidence," says a prosecution filing signed by special counsel David Weiss.

Hunter's "laptop is real (it will be introduced as a trial exhibit) and it contains significant evidence of the defendant's guilt."

"Now we know for certain: the diary, like the laptop, is real — and its contents are alarming.

So why isn't the media all over this?

In 2019, Ashley Biden, the then 37-year-old daughter of President Biden and his wife Jill, wrote in her journal about showering with her father at an inappropriate age as well as her fears that, as a child, she was sexually abused.

Explosive stuff. Not that you would have heard about it, thanks to a near-complete, years-long media blackout.

After undergoing treatment in rehab, Ashley moved to a halfway house in Florida, where she left the diary under a mattress.

The diary, which also contained details of her drug use, was then found in 2020 by a Florida woman who stole it, leaked its contents online, and sold it for $40,000.

All that time, the Biden campaign let the left-wing media, of its own volition, cast aspersions on the diary's authenticity, or dismiss it as a right-wing plant of dubious veracity, another Russia hoax. Just as with Hunter Biden's laptop.

Turns out both are all too real.

For the first time, Ashley herself has now confirmed – in a court document made public last month – that the diary is indeed authentic.

Its contents demand attention, concern and hard questions for this White House.

'Hyper-sexualized @ a young age,' Ashley writes in a July 2019 entry. 'What is this due to? Was I molested. I think so —'

Note the period instead of a question mark. One wonders if there wasn't really a doubt in Ashley's mind." 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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