From Recognition to the Abolition of Australia By Ian Wilson LL.B

    Here is the conclusion of the indigenous summit:

     An all-indigenous convention wants to enshrine a “First Nations Voice” in the constitution in a referendum to be held next year. The politically correct compromise, favoured by the liberals and conservatives, of giving a mere token recognition, was rejected. The Aboriginal lobby now means business, with a “commission,” perhaps much like that in South Africa,  a “Makarrata Commission” to “supervise agreements between Indigenous groups and government and a period of truth-telling about the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

     With all of the politically correct outpouring and false guilt about the Aboriginal issue, one wonders what more “truth-telling” can be indulged in.

     How much more of this must we long-suffering taxpayers be forced to endure?
The answer to this question has been given in a magnificent book by Keith Windschuttle, The Breakup of Australia:, which shows that the agenda here is nothing less than the establishment of a separate Aboriginal nation, and the gutting of existing Australia, which is already dying from the death of a thousand cuts.

     The claim that Aborigines were only given the vote in 1967, which is pushed now is simply false, but was used in that campaign anyway. The same sort of deception is likely to be used again, where it may be said that all of the problems which Aboriginals face, from high imprisonment rates, to domestic violence, requires a treaty. That too is nonsense.

The 1967 referendum deleted the words “other than the Aboriginal race in any state” from the people of any race clause. This opened the flood gates to the vast affirmative action programs that exist today, yet none of this was discussed at the time.

     There was no official “No” campaign, and I have not found anything opposing the referendum from the Freedom Movement of the time, a major gap. The 1967 campaign proceeded by saying that “Yes” was necessary for Aboriginal equality, even though Aboriginals had the same legal rights as any other Australian, which was deceptive, but what else is new. At that time the Australian people fell for it, hook, line and stinker.

     It is time for readers to stop merely reading and start doing something. Let us not have a repeat of the past, for we do not know how bad things will be this time.
I know, you are old; we all are.  But, you can still use the telephone and inform all friends and family about this, even from a hospital bed with a drip in your arm.  Tell them to vote “No,” and get others to do the same.

Isn’t it about time that Australians fought back?
True Blue Aussies:  don’t let it end this way!



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Monday, 04 March 2024

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