From False News to False Images! By Chris Knight


         The mainstream media not only selectively distorts facts, but now they distort even images!




This was demonstrated once again last week when an editor with a Fox affiliate took the unprecedented step of altering the president’s face to make him look crazed and foolish during his very sober, very straightforward, and very factual speech on the “humanitarian crisis” along our U.S.-Mexico border.


Fox affiliate Q13 (KCPQ-TV) in deep blue Seattle broadcast a video of the president’s speech that had been doctored, The Gateway Pundit reported, adding that the video was captured by a viewer — Jeff Wallis — who then tipped off Seattle talk radio host and conservative Todd Herman to the alteration.


“The video starts with an excerpt of Trump giving his address, however his face is made to look orange colored and his mouth has been distorted with video software. When the Q13 anchor starts talking near the end of the clip, the video of Trump is further altered so that he is repeatedly licking his lips with an exaggerated large tongue,” The Gateway Punditreported.


         Just imagine if this was done to the sacred President Obama! Wow, that would be hyper-racism, and probably fair enough. Clearly, the mainstream media continues to demonstrate that it is an institution which has reached its use-by date.




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Saturday, 13 August 2022