From a Logical Point of View By Chris Knight

     As a failed philosophy/logic student, I retain a small amount of what I was supposed to learn, but compared to the Left, I am a logical giant. Consider for example these paradoxes of leftism:

•    “Everyone on the Left is absolutely terrified about catching Covid-19, but they all want open borders because they think illegal immigrants are all disease free.
•    Everybody on the Left believes Donald Trump is a Russian asset and also a White Supremacist, but they’ve never shown any proof of any of that anywhere, anytime.
•    Everyone on the Left wants the government to take away all guns from “criminals” and make everyone register all their weapons, but nobody on the Left ever looks back at history (not even a month ago) to see how that plan turns into a communist dictatorship nearly overnight.
•    Everybody on the Left believes that all Whites, except for them, hate Blacks, and that they must stand up for Black people’s rights, but doesn’t that mean they believe that Blacks are weak and can’t stand up for themselves? That’s just demeaning. There are 40 million Blacks in America right now. Do you really believe they need a few White people to “save” them from the “White Supremacist” President, after they just had a Black President for long 8 years who made their lives much, much worse?
•    Everybody supporting BLM is supposedly trying to help Black people have better lives and be treated fairly (as the name implies), but most protesters and rioters are absolutely destroying Black-owned businesses, Black police officer’s careers who did nothing wrong, and even killing Black people on the streets. Why? They’re all too blind and dumb to even research their own “claimed” boogeyman enemies (because they barely exist). Again, no logic.
•    Everyone on the Left believes that “same sex” marriage is amazing and is real, but then why don’t they believe that biological sex is real? Think about that one really well for a second here. How can “same sex” marriage exist if biological sex isn’t real? Ask a Lefty that and they will erupt in your face with completely illogical, extreme voraciousness, as if you just punched their gay friend in the face for no reason.
•    Everybody on the Left believes that feminism and LGBT philosophy co-exist, but how can that be, if “women” aren’t real?”

We can add to this that these paradoxes now flow into the system itself. Thus, the authorities want ordinary people in lock-down because of the second round of the Wuhan flu, but violent Left-wing protesters can freely assemble for the purposes of mayhem and murder, with the blessings of the state, the Deep State. There will be no penalties for these violent crimes, as protesters will be let off, or not arrested and any Whites defending themselves will have their guns confiscated, even if they are not charged with a crime, all the easier for urban terrorists to kill them. Whites feeling that all lives matter, will be executed, and the authorities will ignore the crime, letting it slide into the racial cracks.

     We can call such a world, not merely illogical, but insane and depraved. And dangerous too; there is a chilling photo at:

of a plump BLMer holding a threatening sign which reads: “Haiti did it in 1804; this is just round 2 We got You.” Maybe not this time; the cardio vascular system is not what it was back in the 1804 rampage, and after all, that was the French. Round 2 may not play out the way plumb Leftists think, because being out numbered, for one thing needs to be considered.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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