Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationalist Party By Peter West


         Just what the doctor ordered, a conservative party that will actually talk about immigration and multiculturalism and will  try to do something about it, since the mainstream politicians ignore the will of the people, and have done so in the entire post WWII period. Here is the contents of an email that I got from Mr. Anning:



If you have been watching the news, I am sure you are all aware that supporting law and order is now an extremist position.

I attended a rally on Saturday 5th of January in St Kilda, this rally as far as I am concerned was attended by real working Australians that are sick and tired of having legitimate concerns ignored.

For too long the major and other so called conservative parties have ignored your concerns, that is why I am starting my own.

Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party supports traditional values and seeks national renewal by a return to the vision of our Founding Fathers of a cohesive, predominantly European Christian Commonwealth.

One nation under God, united by the crimson threads of kinship.”




         I like it, especially the “crimson threads of kinship” bit and it is certain to infuriate the Left/liberal/ mass immigration sect even more than One Nation did in the 1990s, if it gets support. So, let’s do it! Join today.




         The editor/director will update on details about joining when these are available.




I suggest as a theme song, Johnny Cash, “I Won’t Back down.”




Tom Petty did a good version of this too:


While Googling this, I saw this gem from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860): “Money is an abstract happiness, so who is no longer able to appreciate true human happiness, is completely dedicated to it.’ Yes, but when one is struggling to get through the week on the pittance one has, money does take on a whole new importance.




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Friday, 19 July 2024

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