For the Ladies: Bras and Breast Cancer By Mrs Vera West

The issue of breast cancer, at first glance may not seem too urgent to many males, but they all have mothers, wives, girlfriends, female friends and daughters. What is not commonly known is that “the link between bras and breast cancer is stronger than the link between smoking and lung cancer.” And based on research (cited below) the rate of cancer for women who never wore a bra was approximately same as the rate of chest cancer for men. I know many women who have has breast cancer, including myself, but I have never met a man who had a parallel cancer, which is not to say it does not occur. According to “In 2022, it is estimated that 20,640 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in Australia (212 males and 20,428 females). In 2022, it is estimated that a person has a 1 in 15 (or 6.7%) risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85 (1 in 668 or 0.15% for males and 1 in 8 or 13% for females).”

On International Women’s Day, breast cancer, rather than woke nonsense. should be an issue highlighted.,or%2013%25%20for%20females

“Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and author CJ Grace discussed the link between bras and breast cancer during the Feb. 27 episode of “The Tenpenny Report TV” on Brighteon.TV.

Tenpenny got the ball rolling by showing the 1995 book “Dressed to Kill” written by the husband-and-wife tandem of Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer. A second edition of the book was released in 2018 which, according to Grace, covers more research.

Grace, formerly a journalist with the BBC, echoed the authors’ remarks that “the link between bras and breast cancer is stronger than the link between smoking and lung cancer.” She added that based on research by Singer and Grismaijer, the rate of cancer for women who never wore a bra was more or less the same as the rate of cancer for men.

“I mean, how many men do you know with breast cancer? I hardly know any,” Grace said. “But I know tons of women with breast cancer. So, it’s amazing,”

According to Tenpenny, the authors started their research on the topic following a trip to Fiji. They looked at women all over the world such as Pacific Islander, African and Asian women who didn’t wear the Western corsets and bras, particularly the underwire bras. 

Grace: Bras constrict lymph flow, restrict removal of toxins

Tenpenny, an osteopathic medicine practitioner, shared that the authors discovered a “staggering” difference in breast cancer rates between Western and non-Western women they looked at.

Grace then explained that bras constrict lymph flow. Toxins collect in the body, generally in the fatty tissue, and women have plenty of this tissue in their breasts.

“So that’s where toxins, waste products can collect and normally the lymphatic system would flush it out. But if you’re constricting it with a bra, the tighter it is – if you’ve got tight on the wire – that can make it impossible for those toxins and waste products to flush out. And so you get pain, cysts and potential tumors,” Grace explained.

Aside from constricting fatty tissue in the breasts, the underwire also picks up dirty electricity and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Grace mentioned the case of her younger son who suffered a nightmare because the wire headgear he was using acted as a receiver for dirty electricity and EMF.

Tenpenny also mentioned the trend of women and young girls who engage in physical activities and put their mobile phones inside their bras. She warned that doing so allows the EMF and dirty electricity to go through their underwire bras and into their chests.

Aside from underwire bras, Grace also zeroed in on training bras. She mentioned the increasing number of problems that women were having with breastfeeding because of the inverted nipples they had. Wearing training bras was not just flattening out the nipples, but was also preventing the nipples from growing out properly.

While Grace advised viewers to ditch the bras altogether, Tenpenny said bras should still be worn when going to work or any other public settings.”




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