Firing the First Shot in the China War By James Reed

     I hope that everyone is finding my coverage in the lead up to World War III and the nuclear annihilation of the world as we know it … interesting … perhaps, mildly amusing   …. But, hey, just to look on the lighter side of oblivion we need to turn to the colourful Duterte, when he is not taking out with extreme prejudge drug dealers:

“If Washington wants the Philippines to fight China, the US military should come and fire the first shot, President Rodrigo Duterte argued, accusing the US of using its allies as “bait” for Beijing. “There is always America pushing us, egging us … making me the bait. What do you think Filipinos are, earthworms?” Duterte said in a speech in Leyte province on Friday, which only got media attention on Sunday. “Now I say, you bring your planes, your boats to South China Sea. Fire the first shot and we are just here behind you. Go ahead, let’s fight,” he added. “Do you want trouble? OK, let’s do it.” The remarks came as the government in Manila finds itself sandwiched between US demands for a tougher posture towards China and Beijing’s maritime expansion in the South China Sea, specifically the islands that the Philippines have claimed as their own. The US knew about China building up the islands, the president told the audience in Alangalang, at the opening of a rice processing factory, noting that the US Navy has the Seventh Fleet stationed in Japan. “Why didn’t they send it to the Spratly and say ‘Hey guys, you are not supposed to build artificial islands in the high seas, that is exactly prohibited by international law and the fact is you are constructing it within the exclusive economic zone of our friend, the Philippines’?” Duterte asked. “They left them to build it, now it’s all there. All the guns are there, all the missiles are mounted.”

     Now the neo-con blow flies that buzz around decaying  old Trump may have been a little alarmed at first hearing this, but they should not. Duterte simply does not want to fire the first shot. That is fair enough and the USA should be able to lead the way with its extreme expertise in false flags and inciting wars. Just go to it, we are all waiting with soda and popcorn to see the final grand fireworks. For all two hours of it.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022