Feminists Needing Bodyguards! By Mrs Vera West

     Whatever is the world coming to? Feminists needing bodyguards? I thought strong independent women stood on their own two feet and did not need … men!”

“A feminist professor from Oxford University had to resort to bodyguards after receiving threats from transgender activists. The radicals were miffed that Selina Todd had written on her website that transgender individuals “sometimes harm the rights of women,” according to a report by the New York Post. “Like every other gender critical feminist I know,” Todd wrote, “I encountered the current debate about whether transgender people should be able to self-identify as such (without fulfilling other legal and medical requirements) from the instinctive standpoint that I wanted to support transpeople’s rights. “But after months of research, I concluded that this position would harm the rights of women, because so often what is being asked for is free access to women-only spaces.” Soon after, faculty began receiving messages demanding Todd be fired. A pair of students informed the prof about potential threats they saw in email groups. After investigating, Oxford officials provided Todd with security for the remainder of the school year.

From the story:
“I get frightened by the threats in lectures,” she told the [Telegraph]. “You can’t help but worry. It’s had a huge impact on me. You don’t expect to be defending yourself the whole time from complaints or threats of violence.” Todd said the presence of “two big burly guys” at her lectures is designed to protect her from threats verified by the school — and quite a handful of students who recently began showing up in trans activists T-shirts and calling her “transphobic.” … “The university investigated the threats and came back to me to say their intelligence on them is such that they are providing me security […] They said, ‘You’re having two men in the rest of your lectures.’” Currently on Todd’s website, the professor says “By ‘gender critical’, I mean that I believe that men and women are defined by their sex, not by culturally constructed gender norms. You can’t change sex – biologically, that is impossible.”

She continues:
The notion that people can ‘feel’ like a woman or like a man is highly socially conservative, implying as it does that being a woman rests on dressing or behaving in a ‘feminine’ way. Being a woman rests both on certain biological facts and on the experience of living in the world as a woman, from birth, an experience that is shaped by particular kinds of oppressions.”

     Leftism has got to the stage that it is devouring itself, which is a good thing, since conservatives have always been too weak to fight it head-on. It does not really matter, because all that counts now is that the Leftist world view self-destructs.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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