Feminism and Genocide By Mrs Vera West

     Many here do not like the writings of Affirmative Right.com’s Colin Liddell, all that much, but what I have read in his critique of feminism really hits the mark, straight to the point, on target we like to say. Feminism in the West is the philosophy of white genocide, no conspiracy, it is embodied in the ideology, a demographic death camp:

“What happened in the West was simple: Men started hating women, and women started hating children. In other words the natural order, which underpinned our hi-tech society, disintegrated. Women are no longer prepared to sacrifice themselves for children—even the two or three needed to keep things on an even keel—and men are no longer willing to sacrifice themselves for such women, especially when the divorce courts will gut them financially. MGTOW is the zeitgeist and incel the ambience. Of course, the Left have nice names for what is essentially a genocidal process—"female empowerment" and "pro-choice" spring to mind. Yes, you go, girl! ...Straight to the graveyard of your race and civilisation! The poison of feminism doesn't just affect blue haired cat lady freaks, who refuse to shave their shaggy armpits because it's "natural"—as if they ever cared about anything natural! It cuts across all of society, effecting even sensible, happily married women.

Those healthy women, who have married good, reliable men who are more than capable of fully supporting them, and who could quite comfortably pump out four or five kids, are choosing instead to have two or three, because dress size and stretch marks issues, "lifestyle balance," or some article in Cosmo. While those who could have had two or three are having zero or one. The end result is a massive, self-inflicted genocide that no-one is talking about except the Dissident Right. The forces of "progressivism" (a nice name for social cancer) are borne, like poisoned spores, on every cultural wind; while social media has only made things worse—wiring women to a world that constantly feeds them lies of male oppression and having kids "later" or never.”

     The politically correct liberal will have it that immigration solves all problems. But, it only adds the fuel of diversity to the fires of hell. I predict that the forces of collapse will sort this all out, as our totally unnatural world perishes, and a new natural order arises. Either that, or a Second coming, which I would prefer. Who is not world weary?



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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