Feminism Amnesia by Mrs Vera West

The metaphor of “the red pill” and “blue pill” is a meme from the mesosphere movement and comes from the first Matrix (1999) movie. People can remain blind slaves to the system by feeding on the “blue pill” or they can see reality, warts and all by taking the “red pill.”
Men who champion anti-feminism and a male identity movement, with a return to the traditional “John Wayne man,” use this metaphor. Some of the younger men focused on the Don Juan “pick up artist” (PUA), aspects of “game,” to seduce women, such as the early Roosh V, but most are moving beyond this now, paying attention to the wider corruption of the system.

Bettina Arndt (The Weekend Australian, October 29-30, 2016, p. 22), discusses a feminist response to the movie The Red Pill, by feminist film-maker Cassie Jaye. She intended to expose men’s rights activists, but came to see, to her credit, that these men had been unjustifiably painted as misogynists, and had valid points to make. Thus feminists began an attack on her and a campaign to stop the film being shown. There was no “human rights” funding, always available for feminist propaganda, for a movie on men’s rights.
Here is yet another example of how our culture is “rigged” and decadent. There will be no right or free speech for anyone opposing the New World Order morality. And why expect it – it is, after all, a “cultural war?”



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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