EVs and Emissions By Kim Eason

     Dear Sir, The US Dept. of Energy (DOE) says electric vehicles (EVs) convert about 60% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Electricity generation on average harnesses about 45% of available energy in fossil fuels (at best) and electrical distribution losses are about 23%.  Therefore, EVs power at the wheels is about 21% of available power in fossil fuels used in electricity generation.  In comparison, modern diesel engines can now convert about 48% of available energy in diesel to motive power and therefore cause much less CO2 emissions than EVs.

     The contrary argument is to rapidly pursue 100% EVs  charged by 100% renewable energy.  There are three insurmountable problems :

     There are technical reasons which limit renewable energy connected to electrical substations to about 40% of the substation capacity. We are approaching 20% now. The 100% EVs target would require a doubling of Australia's electricity supply capacity.  The insuperable cost would counter productively result in more CO2 emissions. EVs use lithium-ion batteries which have a life of about ten years and cannot be recycled. A radical increase in EVs would produce, in a decade, an enormous environmental problem of disposing of poisonous spent lithium batteries.

     Australia's Prof. Carter, the US DOE, and others, have shown that human caused CO2 emissions contribute not more than 0.04 ᵒC to global temperature, an insignificant amount and no threat to mankind or the planet. Hence there is no scientific imperative to commit economic suicide by setting high mandates in human CO2 reductions or EVs.

     Moreover, we witnessed a young school girl weeping on TV recently and blubbering that we are all going to die soon from human caused global warming.  Clearly, our children are being brainwashed  with this insidious deception and suffering dreadfully as a result.

     Parents, protect you children from this cruel politically motivated child abuse.  For example, get Prof. Carter's book Climate : The Counter Consensus and share with them the facts revealed by a brilliant and honest climate scientist.

  Kim Eason, East Gippsland


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Friday, 19 August 2022