European Serfs Fight Back Against Globalist Lords, By Richard Miller (London)

The dust is beginning to settle after the results of the European Parliament elections. The Left in France went on a rampage, targeting small businesses which they believed to be run by ordinary people who supported the Right of Le Pen. But the police did hose them down with tear gas. No doubt businesses owners who are vulnerable to these sorts of urban terrorist attacks will need to hire armed security in the future, who can give the spoilt children of Marx a run for their Communist Manifesto.

The real winner of the elections was Giorgia Meloni, whom I have seen has a name which translates into English in an interesting way. Her "Brother of Italy" party, the very name of which must give feminist Leftoids heart palpitations, if not ventricular ectopic beats (where the heart skips beats), won a respectful 28 percent of the Italian vote, which gives her crew considerable power in the European Parliament, along with the European People's Party (EPP), which has gained 13 seats.

The big question now is whether there is enough will power here to resist the globalist push for war against Russia, or rather to continue the proxy war with Russia? Meloni, like Le Pen, while talking big, have been weak when push came to shove on immigration, so it is an unknown what she will recommend, as matters in the Ukraine are escalating by the day, and give present developments, no peaceful resolution seems possible. Perhaps Donald trump could change that, as he says, it will be over in 24 hours.

"Yesterday's European elections delivered a shock to the Metropolitan elites. 'Right wing' parties came out on top and Green and Left wing parties took a hit.

Italy's 'Brother of Italy' party, led by 'far-right' Giorgia Meloni (fun-fact - translation is Georgia Melons) won 28% of Italy's vote, meaning Melons finds herself in the "kingmaker" role in the EU Parliament.

The right wing, European People's Party (EPP) remains the biggest group in Parliament and has gained 13 seats since the last election.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's party finished joint second along with far-right AfD. And the Greens in both Germany and Austria did far worse than expected. As a result Belgium's Prime Minister resigned.

Spain's conservative 'People's Party' won with over 34% of the vote, ahead of the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's 'Socialist Workers Party'.

In France, right wing Le Pen got more than twice the votes of Macron with 31.5% versus 14.5%. The map below shows the areas in brown where the 'far-right' prevailed.

As a result, French President Macron dissolved Parliament and called a snap election. There will be two rounds of voting on 30 June and 7 July. This is a big gamble for Macron as he could be handing power to his arch-nemesis. And whilst this is unlikely to mean that Macron would resign as President, it all seems rather unnecessary.

The European elections are not nearly as important as domestic elections and so it seems he could have just ridden this out. Elections for the European Parliament often produce crazy results so why has Macron leapt on these results to cause sudden turmoil in France?

And remember, a similar thing is happening at the exact same time in the UK, with a snap election called for 4th July.

It almost feels like they know something we don't and they are softening us up for it.

But whilst the Elite's are shocked this morning, most sane people saw this coming. And this applies to all Western countries, not just France.

Who do they think citizens will vote for when election after election, promises are broken? Instead of working for the people, the neoliberal politicians have made things worse and worse for the everyday person. Not only have they made times tough for everyone but they have destroyed the social fabric that had been built over many generations.

They've dismissed concerns on immigration and crime whilst focussing on painting pedestrian crossings rainbow colours. Farmers have been ignored whilst Green ideology has taken hold. And family life has slowly been eroded away whilst biological men have been put into women's prisons.

The majority of citizens who have felt left behind are self-censored for fear of being labelled far-right. In reality, many of the 'far-right' parties are just producing policies which used to be centre-right or traditional right.

Nobody was shocked at last night's results; this was one massive …. You' to Green and Woke ideologies that are constantly being stuffed down people's throats.

It was the same with Brexit. All the EU had to do was make some concessions and it is likely that the UK would have voted to stay. But European politicians are so dogmatically undemocratic that the British populace had enough and wanted out.

Now, as with Brexit, the European elite don't see fault in themselves but in the ordinary voter, whom they hate. You can see an example of this in today's Guardian Opinion where they thank bureaucratic inertia in Brussels for fighting the far-right.

Translation: Democracy only applies to those that agree with us. It is fine for us to use our undemocratic ways on people we disagree with because they are basic Hitler.

The EU is fundamentally undemocratic and the British people could sense that when they voted to leave.

And of course, anything that can't be blamed on far-right trouble makers, gets blamed on Russia." 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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