Equality Unto Death By Mrs Vera West

     In our anti-discrimination, equality mad society, where inclusion is everything, Bob Katter sure stirred up a hornets’ nest of controversy:

“Independent MP Bob Katter has stood by his controversial statement in parliament on Wednesday accusing gay people of being ‘murderers’ who passed on AIDS to the heterosexual community via blood donation.
Mr Katter was widely criticised for his contribution to the same sex marriage debate on Wednesday, where the Member for Kennedy criticised homosexual men for giving blood.
‘You want to talk about equality? Well they wanted equality in the giving of blood. They said we have a right as homosexuals to give blood, so they did,’ Mr Katter said.
‘And I think it was 72 children were injected with AIDS from the blood that was given. It was hushed up. It was amazing to me that it never got any publicity at all.”

     Well, I for one had never heard of this. So, I did an internet search just to be sure that Katter was right, because the claim is so extraordinary. There is some doubt about the exact figures, but no-one seems to be saying that the whole thing is false. In any case, Katter was howled down by the pc establishment, especially form the Liberals. Remember this, come election time, 38 percenters.

     Regardless of the homosexual issue, how did this happen? Did testing take place?  If it did, HIV must have been caught during the “window” period.  So, is the Australian bloods supply safe?  Apparently not.  I am no expert, but it may be necessary to hold all blood collected for the window period, then test each sample for HIV.  I do not know if this is even practical. 
Progressives, should not worry though if they need a blood transfusion, so long as the system is politically correct.



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022