Ensauvagement By Richard Miller

     The French term “ensauvagement,” has been used by the Dissent Right to describe the new savagery that has characterised modern Western society in the West. The New York Times has the following article not behind a paywall, so they must want ordinary deplorables to read it.

“The word “ensauvagement” has been a favorite dog whistle of France’s far right in recent years, used to suggest that the nation is turning savage. With its colonial and racist overtones, it has been wielded in discussion of immigration and crime to sound alarms that France is being transformed into a dangerous, uncivilized place, stripped of its traditional values. “Behind it, there is an underlying imaginary world, with savages on one side and civilized humanity on the other,” said Cécile Alduy, a French expert on the political use of language who teaches at Stanford University. So it did not go unnoticed this week when sitting ministers of President Emmanuel Macron’s government started throwing around the word themselves, arguing forcefully that talk of France’s “ensauvagement” was legitimate. “Personally, I use the word ensauvagement and I repeat it,” said Gérald Darmanin, the powerful interior minister and head of the national police.”

     While the ever-disgusting NYT has Shock! Horror! that there could possibly be thinkers who would divide society into ordinary sane people, and the savages, clearly this is reality, which one can see by looking at footage of the BLM and antifa urban terrorists across America. The Trump ad needs to be watched to see how bad things are, and that ad had very restrained footage, without close ups of personal violence such as executions, which would have led to the ad being banned anyway. The point is, that this is clearly the revolt of the underman, only past thinkers like Stoddard did not anticipate how low it would go. America is almost in a post-apocalyptic movie, only worse because it is real.



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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