Enemies: Foreign and Domestic By Chris Knight (Florida)

I have taken to listening to the YouTube broadcasts of survivalist Ferfal and former US special forces man, Matt Bracken every Sunday (search “Ferfal” in the Tube), although they missed last Sunday, probably Matt was doing major gun cleaning. This program is something Australians need to listen to get a feel of where things are going. The starting point is one which conservatives are still having difficulty accepting, that the institutions of society have been totally taken over by the globalist Left. Bracken has three novels showing where this all goes, with the government moving to a program of white extermination. This is not far from present political realities in the United States, and soon to be replicated elsewhere. The false flag of January 6 is being used by Deep State forces like the FBI to crack down on all Trump supporters, but suspiciously, not the fat man himself (yes, Trump is a traitor, I believe, who sold out). There is an excellent review of Bracken’s three novels here:




It is time for conservatives to get out of the old comfort zone, as the world has tumbled down into the danger zone.  Facing the horror is something conservatives seem to endlessly protect with cognitive dissonance, while the Left and globalists eat them alive. Each week gets worse.





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Saturday, 13 August 2022