Elon Musk Sees WEF as Unelected World Government! By James Reed

Elon Musk was previously a supporter of the World Economic Forum, and certainly Musk is a globalist, of sorts. But he also seems to like stirring the pot, and when you are the richest, so-called, man in the world, you can do much more than we can. Thus, it was enjoyable to see him tweeting that the World Economic Forum “is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want.”  I could not agree more, and it was fine to see Musk say this. I bet he got a few nasty personal phone calls from the globalists over that one!


“Twitter CEO Elon Musk slammed the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Wednesday as it continues its annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, calling it an “unelected world government” that nobody wants.

“WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want,” Musk tweeted in response to WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s announcement of a “Global Collaboration Village” in the Metaverse.

Musk then launched a poll asking Twitter to weigh in on whether the WEF “should control the word.”

As of this writing, 86.2% voted ‘NO’ and 13.8% voted ‘YES’ with over 1.5 million votes.

On Tuesday, Musk also called out the WEF’s claim that overpopulation is a global problem.

“Population collapse is an existential problem for humanity, not overpopulation!” he wrote.

On Monday, Musk joked that Schwab’s remark of the WEF learning to “master the future” “doesn’t sound ominous at all.”

He also criticized the WEF and global elites’ ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) corporate model as “Satanic.”

“The S stands for Satanic,” he wrote.

He even joked that should a game show be held between the WEF and the messaging board 4Chan over who says the “craziest stuff,” the WEF would win.

“Would be great if someone could compile a game contest of who said the craziest stuff between 4chan and WEF!” he said. “My money is on the latter.”



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Friday, 23 February 2024

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