Edward Jenner, the Fake Father of Immunology By Chris Knight (Florida)

With monkeypox now swinging through the trees of the urban jungle, and the smallpox vaccine about to be rolled out, said to be 85 percent effective against the circulating monkeypox (how exactly do they know this?) it is good to reflect upon the origins of vaccination, and the smallpox vaccine, going back to vaccines Founding Father, Edward Jenner (1749-1823). Natural News.com has done a great job of digging into the dirty history of Jenner, who never studied for a medical degree, and only much later actually bought one! As well, he did not make the observation that those who had cow pox were immune to smallpox, but took the idea from milk maids. Doctors at the time scoffed at the idea, as there were hundreds of cases of people getting cow pox, then getting smallpox. The vaccine faith was not off to a good start. Is it any surprise that with Covid, the mess continues?



“For several centuries, smallpox was a major problem. Then, in the late 1800s, doctors and scientists began more in-depth research regarding disinfection practices and steam sterilization. Revolutionary surgical instruments (metal and non-metal) were made with smooth surfaces and from materials that could withstand high-heat sterilization. Then, in the 1900s, doctors and scientists began using irradiation, high pressure, ultraviolet light and ethylene oxide to make surgeries much safer and much more often successful.

Plus, environmental health and safety vastly improved in the mid-1900s, including infectious waste management, cleaning services, respiratory protection and air and water handling (including plumbing). There was no longer much need for “miracle vaccines” to “save humanity” from infectious diseases, including measles and smallpox.

FAKE “Father of Immunology” used as catapult for new vaccine religion

The  … American Medical Association (AMA) and the … Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wanted to create a different “image” for modern medicine, a global campaign that would profit in the millions (and billions) for decades to come. One way to accomplish this would be to pretend that Edward Jenner was the “Father of Immunology,” and create a fake medical hero who would be used as a catapult for the new vaccine religion. All complications of vaccination would be blamed on infectious diseases they were supposed to prevent and/or cure.

So history was altered, and in a big way. It was rewritten and reconstructed to fit a narrative to push vaccines. Edward Jenner (1749-1823) was to be lauded as a medical savior for sparing millions of people from infectious disease, but his crude forms of injection caused horrific problems in and of themselves. Jenner pretended to be a “surgeon” in Berkeley, yet he never even became a doctor.

In fact, Edward Jenner never even passed a medical exam in his whole life. Since medical examinations were not compulsory, Jenner simply hung a sign over his office that said “Surgeon, Apothecary.” He later literally purchased “medical degrees” that he never earned. This is the fraudster and huckster that the entire multi-billion dollar vaccine industrial complex is built upon.

Jenner, the so-called “Father of Immunology,” saw his son die at 21 after injecting him with several “vaccines,” including cowpox jab

In the late 1700s, Edward Jenner injected his first-born son with a slew of so-called “vaccines” only to watch him die at the ripe age of 21 from TB. Jenner avoided injecting his other son with anything after that, and became an anti-vaxxer when it came to his own family using his faked inventions. Jenner stole the “vaccine formulas” from dairy maids anyway, and never originated any form of medicine himself.

And so the whole faked story of the holy grail of medicine being vaccines was conjured up with an unscientific superstition backed by ZERO scientific evidence and propagated as “safe and effective” by fraudulent government agencies.

Recorded vaccine failure: Smallpox cases for people who already received the smallpox vaccine in the 1900s continued to be recorded

Smallpox vaccines were causing more damage than good when they were “invented,” but the carnage was covered up well, just like the carnage from COVID-19 vaccines right now. Jenner helped hide evidence of that health decimation, while the charlatan-based pro-vaccine fanaticism grew and brew like its own virus, and spread across the world like a pandemic.

Later, the CDC and AMA would “discover” a new fake vaccine hero, Dr. Jonas Salk, the “God” of cult pharmacology. They claimed he invented a polio vaccine, but all he really did was conduct illegal medical experiments on mental patients. Again, during a time of much healthier living habits, including taking vitamin D for immunity, the highly corrupt medical regulatory agencies gave all the healing credit to faked vaccine research and efficacy. The entire March of Dimes campaign was run on fraudulent vaccine theory and inflated paralysis data to brew fear and promote vaccinations.

The AMA ran a massive fear-based campaign of psychological terror (sounds just like today with Wuhan coronavirus and monkeypox), that conned and coerced millions of people to run out and get jabbed with experimental, unproven toxins called “vaccines.” In fact, all vaccine sales and marketing are based solely on fear and propaganda, and have nothing at all to do with evidence-based medicine. Edward Jenner and Jonas Salk were nothing more than witchdoctors who pretended they knew what they were doing. This key information is missing from all medical historical publishing, except if you know exactly where to look.

The sad part is that vaccines spread disease more than they prevent it. The polio vaccine is proven to spread polio, including the injected kind and the oral kind. The coronavirus vaccines wreck your immune system with lab-made virus look-a-likes in the form of toxic protein prions that invade and clog the entire vascular system.

Meanwhile, criminal scientists working for criminal pharma giants continue to operate falsified clinical trials while billions of human victims of vaccine violence are abused, permanently injured and/or killed by the very injections that are supposed to prevent disease and death. Go figure.”


“Truths about Jenner

Here’s number 1 of our 5 historical vaccine scandals. Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) has been lauded as a medical pioneer and saver of the lives of millions for supposedly developing the earliest crude forms of vaccination, but is he really all that? Was he even an original thinker? See for yourself.

Jenner set up practice as a “surgeon” in Berkeley in the 1700s but he, in fact, did not earn the title of “doctor” at all. Jenner’s history is actually quite amusing. Dr Walter Hadwen, JP, MD, LRCP, MRCS, LSA., explained during an address in 1896:

Now this man Jenner had never passed a medical examination in his life. He belonged to the good old times when George III was King— (laughter)—when medical examinations were not compulsory. Jenner looked upon the whole thing as a superfluity, and he hung up “Surgeon, apothecary,” over his door without any of the qualifications that warranted the assumption. It was not until twenty years after he was in practice that he thought it advisable to get a few letters after his name. Consequently he then communicated with a Scotch University and obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine for the sum of £15 and nothing more. (Laughter.) It is true that a little while before, he had obtained a Fellowship of the Royal Society, but his latest biographer and apologist, Dr. Norman Moore, had to confess that it was obtained by little less than a fraud. It was obtained by writing a most extraordinary paper about a fabulous cuckoo, for the most part composed of arrant absurdities and imaginative freaks such as no ornithologist of the present day would pay the slightest heed to. A few years after this, rather dissatisfied with the only medical qualification he had obtained, Jenner communicated with the University of Oxford and asked them to grant him their honorary degree of M.D., and after a good many fruitless attempts he got it. Then he sent to the Royal College of Physicians in London to get their diploma, and even presented his Oxford degree as an argument in his favour. But they considered he had had quite enough on the cheap already, and told him distinctly that until he passed the usual examinations they were not going to give him any more.” – Dr Walter Hadwen, 18961 (emphasis added)

So, after about 20 years of practicing his special brand of “medicine,” Jenner the professional bullsh*t artist thought he might benefit from some extra letters after his name. Thus it was that in 1790 Jenner simply bought a medical degree from St.Andrews University for £15. Welcome to the man who helped create what is now a multi-billion dollar fascist medical empire (disguised as medical “progress”)—a person who was not only a complete fraud and confidence man, but evidently a pathological liar.

1791: Edward Jenner vaccinates his 18 month old son with swine-pox and eight years later in 1798 with cow-pox. His son will die of TB at the age of 21, and Jenner thereafter chooses not to vaccinate his second son. (Yes, he became a “refuser” of sorts, at least where his own family’s health was concerned!)

1796: Edward Jenner in Gloucestershire, England, is falsely credited with the concept of vaccination, which he actually appropriated from the dairy maids. Hadwen in his 1896 address: “He was not, however, the discoverer. The whole thing was a superstition of the Gloucestershire dairymaids years before Jenner was born—(laughter)—and the very experiment, so-called, that he performed had been performed by an old farmer named Benjamin Jesty twenty years previously.”

He added:

When he first of all heard the story of the cow-pox legend that the dairymaids talked about, that if you only had cow-pox you can’t have small-pox, he began to mention it at the meetings of the Medico-convivial Society, where the old doctors of the day met together to smoke their pipes, drink their glasses of grog, and talk over their cases. But he no sooner mentioned it than they laughed at it. The cow doctors could have told him of hundreds of cases where small-pox had followed cow-pox, and Jenner found he would have to drop it.2  (emphasis added)

Yes, vaccination began with an utterly unscientific superstition unbacked by any evidence at all and propagated by the local English dairymaids to one self-confident crank named Edward Jenner, a medical fraud who bought his credentials for fifteen pounds.

1801: First widespread experimentation with vaccines reputedly begins. Jenner has successfully self-promoted and marketed his pseudo-medicine in spite of the overwhelming evidence against his foundational premise.

1802: Jenner petitions English parliament (House of Commons) for funding using blatant falsehoods, stating that vaccination can be done with perfect safety (where have we heard that before?). Government awards Jenner 10,000 pounds (Higgins says 30,000 in his book, perhaps pertaining to Jenner’s 1807 triumphant petition which landed him further funds) for continued “experimentation.” His arm-to-arm method of vaccination ultimately proves so dangerous that it is abandoned and even prohibited. His claim of lifelong immunity was quickly exposed to be one of the more brazen pieces of self-promoting mendacity medical “science” has produced. As vaccinated subjects continued to develop the diseases they were supposedly “immunized” against, this claim was modified to roughly 7 years protection with subsequent re-vaccination deemed “necessary.” (By 1914 this “immunity” period was shortened yet again to an estimated 6-12 months(!), sharply exposing the lunacy of the vaccine paradigm to anyone paying attention. This is over 200 years ago and nothing much has changed.)

Jenner’s original claims for vaccination were stated in his Petition to Parliament March 17, 1802,

asking for a reward for his alleged “discovery” in these words:

“That your petitioner, having discovered [false – he got the idea came from the dairymaids of rural England] that a disease which occasionally exists in a particular form among cattle, known by the name of the cow-pox, admits of being inoculated on the human frame with the most perfect ease and safety [false – it proved time and again to be dangerous and not to prevent smallpox at all], and is attended with the singularly beneficial effect of rendering through life the person so inoculated perfectly secure from the infection of the smallpox [false – he claimed perfect immunity for life based on a mere few years of observation and no evidence at all – people got cowpox AND smallpox!].3  [bold brackets are the author’s interjections]”



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