Ecuador Apocalypse By Brian Simpson

     Covering the coronavirus pandemic has given me great intellectual heartaches, and headaches, because of the way the evidence cuts both ways. In some respects, my inclination is to go with the New World Order conspiracy view, yet, not every piece of evidence fits that, and it is important that we, a leading conspiratorial organisation do not cry wolf, giving False negatives. On the other hand, sites like Natural, surely a brother freedom organisation to our own, see the coronavirus pandemic as real, even apocalyptic. Take the scenes in Ecuador for example:

“The video, found at this link [as above], appears to depict dead bodies washing up on the beaches of Ecuador, most likely outside Guayaquil, the coastal city that has been hit the hardest by covid-19. The video, narrated by ZGoldenReport, warns America this is what happens when societies don’t practice social distancing and sensible lockdowns. (Ecuador has been reluctant and slow to recommend aggressive lockdowns.) Notably, thousands of Floridians flocked to Florida’s newly-reopened beaches last night and today, grossly violating basic precautions of social distancing and wearing masks. It won’t be long before some of those #FloridaMorons are dead, too. The video appears to show the construction of mass graves in Ecuador in preparation for many thousands of dead bodies. While we could not confirm the origins of this video, it’s worth noting that I lived in Ecuador for two years and all the building architecture shown in the video is consistent with Ecuador. The clothes people are wearing, the shapes of their bodies and the vehicles depicted in the video are all consistent with Ecuador. With many other media outlets reporting the shocking scale of the covid-19 tragedy in Guayaquil, it seems unlikely this video is a fake. As someone who lived in Ecuador, I can also assure you that Ecuador’s health care system is rudimentary at best. It is truly a third world infrastructure when it comes to medicine. And Guayaquil, in particular, is a chaotic city largely run by powerful criminal gangs and corrupt officials. (Bribery and corruption is rampant in Guayaquil, which is a key air and sea port for the importation of drugs and weapons, among other things.)”

     It is quite possible that the Third World will be severely hit by the coronavirus, regardless of the severity in the West, if only because of poverty, the lack of adequate health systems, and the ill-health of the people.  Further, it does give us an image of how bad things could actually get if, and when, more complete breakdown and disintegration comes to the West.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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