Eat More Red Meat! By John Steele

     Probably my final contribution before Christmas, since I will not be heading into Melbourne to use the internet. Nothing much electronic out here in the scrub. I tried plugging my laptop into an ant nest, but the ants merely crawled all over it.

     Now, we have this highly profound research by a professor, no less, saying that eating meat perpetuates hegemonic masculinity:

     Soy boy vegans are more likely to be pc, red meat eaters, less so. Perhaps this is true. If it is, then a great argument for eating more, more, give me more, red meat off the bone:

     Instead of reading the paper, searching for methodological errors, I happily accepted the conclusions, and feasted on tin ham, digging the salty, fatty meat out of the tin with my rusting Bowie knife. The future will not be like this:

     People will be too busy searching for some meat to eat, as they were in the past:



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022