Drinking Milo, Reading Milo on the End of Free Speech By Charles Taylor

      The ever-flamboyant, modern Liberace of conservativism, Milo Yiannopoulos, who is now broke and has written a book about it, appeared at the recent Washington DC free speech Rally and said it like it is. The failure to preserve traditional values has been because “good men” have, and are doing, nothing, and although he does not allude to the phrase by Edmund Burke (1729-1797), he expands on the idea in the present at Big Tech banning context. Of course, this is cited for information purposes only and does not imply our agreement with every point:


“I am here with a message of tough love and hard truth.

We are losing the battle for free speech. We are failing. For all the bravery and indefatigability of the speakers before you today, we are failing to preserve basic First Amendment freedoms in this country.

I’m going to say something very risky and unpopular to you now, something everyone told me I shouldn’t say.

I’m going to say something everyone I trust and everyone who advises me said that I should avoid at all costs.

I’m going to say something you aren’t used to hearing from media personalities whose politics you share.

It’s. Your. Fault.

Not the people here, the brave few who have risked being beaten senseless by communist thugs. Frankly it’s amazing anyone showed up today, risking their physical safety to be here.

The people watching at home. The silent majority who support us and vote for Trump but who won’t show up and won’t say anything and won’t say how they feel out loud.

You have failed us.

The conservative base in this country—I have to tell you this, I have to give you this hard truth—can be lazy, cowardly and self-interested and you expect other people to do everything for you.

Well we can’t! We need you. We can’t do this without you. And yet we’re battered. We’re bruised. We’re close to financial ruin.

I don’t want to hear excuses like “Oh, Republicans have jobs.” Or, “We have responsibilities, we can’t spend our lives protesting like Lefties.”

Until you are willing to lose something, you are setting yourself on the path to losing everything.

Conservatives and libertarians in this country have failed us, and you’ve failed each other.

The Republican media has failed to stand up for those of us on the front lines. Seriously, what the f*ck happened to Breitbart?

And, I’m sorry to say, the White House has failed, and this President has failed.

Sycophants cheerlead. Real friends tell each other the truth. Real friends give it to you straight.

Today, I’m giving it to you straight. If you want to preserve the America you love, you have got to do a lot better than this.

The Left must be made to fear you. Massive, brutal retaliation for the slightest of perceived insults is the only way. When they cost us a dollar, we have to make them pay a hundred.

When they tear down one of our idols, we have to set fire to their cathedrals.

Why does it matter that you are losing? That we’re all losing? Let me tell you.

Antifa and the Left know what they want: the total destruction of our society. And they mean it. They want to destroy our families, destroy our educational institutions, destroy our businesses, destroy our historical monuments, destroy everything that we are proud of as a country.

What is it we want to CONSERVE? Beauty. Truth. Goodness. Joy. Virtue. Families. Nuclear families, not this weird shit you see on ABC.

Children growing up with both a mother and a father. Art. Science. Creativity. Capitalism. The worship of our Creator.

If we don’t fight, we don’t just lose the next election. We lose our souls.

Christianity, the basis of our culture, is going extinct. It is the yeast in the dough of our civilization and the Left is seeking to strangle it.

All conservatives ever do is sit around worrying how not to be hit. We never argue for substance, only procedure.

“Freedom of speech” is procedure, not substance. It’s instrumental. It’s not the goal. The goal is to reclaim Constantinople, or something analogous.

If you argue substance like this, people will have something real to disagree with.

So please, risk arguing… for God. Free speech isn’t enough.

God is the Real Deal. We accept President Daddy, imperfect as he is, because, unlike our communist friends over in Pershing Park, we’re not trying to bring about heaven on earth.

But we have to do a better job of the earthly fight.

Conservatives keep playing a defensive game, never getting in close enough to actually score.

Now, getting in close is risky—you leave yourself vulnerable.

But you have to learn to take the offensive and hit them first.

Because there is something to be lost here that goes way beyond my ability to make jokes in public about a Daily Beast writer’s wife, as hideous as she is. And she is hideous! Truly disgusting. Like something that crawled out of a swamp and wants to lay its eggs in your ear canal.

And that thing to be lost is our entire way of life.

If you aren’t prepared to fight the domestic terrorists of Antifa, then there is nothing you love enough to matter.

When you pay nothing, that’s what you get. Nothing.

And maybe that’s what you deserve.

You need to show up. And you need to put your money where your mouth is.

Before I go, I’m going to give you some advice. It’s more than advice, actually. It’s the key to winning at least one front in this war.

The conservative and libertarian base is never going to get all this on their own. They’re too distracted and, to be honest, too lazy and self-interested.

We need to show them.

We need to bring it home.

We need everyone they’ve ever heard of, everyone they care about, banned from social media. That means going home today and reporting all your favorite conservative media personalities to Facebook and Twitter for hate speech. Get them all banned.

That’s the only way we’re going to impress upon everyone how serious this is.

They didn’t get it when it was me, Gavin, Roger, Laura. Maybe they will if the appeasers start dropping like flies as well.’

     Milo is right, and the rest of the crew will be banned. In fact, the elites are only just warming up, encountering no real resistance at this point. They will keep pushing until nothing remains.  Is anyone listening?



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Friday, 19 August 2022