Doing a U-Turn in Sweden By Richard Miller

     Watch this blonde Nordic woman get sucker punched by, well, guess, and reflect upon how economic and financial policies would reduce the incidence of such punches. It sure would make one engage in pre-emptive ethno-racial profiling. Indeed, with a bit of situational awareness, let alone financial wisdom, it would be relatively easy to block these sorts of hay maker wild swinging punches, and even just raising one’s arms would be enough, although economic change must be even better. Clearly, everyone today needs self-defence training, especially in unarmed combat, as well as alternative economic thinking, so as to not blindly walk into the punches of globalism. 

     Not much difference in America, where the BLM thugs are turning now to Christians, proving that it is all about deconstructing Western civilisation.

     Do any Christians see a problem here?



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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