Dog: ATO Bounty Hunter! by John Steele

Will we soon have people like Dog the bounty hunter, the American who on TV chases down all sorts of bad folk who haven’t paid fines? According to The Sydney Morning Herald, September 27, 206, the Australian Taxation Office is hiring debt collectors and the ATO are “putting prices on the heads of tax debts, with individual operators promised bonuses and incentives to “convince” debtors to pay-up.

There are fears that “high-pressure tactics” may be used and even “corruption” may occur! The article does not mention what these tactics might be. There is a photograph illustrating the article that at first looked to me like a hand holding a baseball bat – but, silly me, it was just a rolled up one-hundred-dollar bill. My mistake. How could I have thought that?
But, will we soon seen the Australian version of Dog on our reality TV? Where can I sign up?



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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