Does Western Civilisation Still Exist? By James Reed

Leading US social critic Paul Craig Roberts always has something punchy at his site. Basically, he sees the world falling apart, rapidly, and America is leading the slide downhill into the dumpster of history.

Indeed, he asks in a recent article,

whether we can say that Western civilisation even still exists! For example, while the entire post is a bit too strong to reproduce here, and I do not agree with all of it, he hits home by this observation: "Vladek Filler, a legal immigrant from Kiev, Soviet Union, and a successful US citizen, wonders why feminists side with immigrant rape gangs against raped European women.

What is left when feminists refuse to defend women?"


Most importantly, criticism of White replacement is classified as a hate crime by the New Class elites (most White themselves with comfortable academic backgrounds), who go on to endorse other crimes against humanity, dating from the Covid vax rollout. As Roberts observes at another post:

"The question before us is why did leaders of the Western nations decide to destroy ethnic diverse nationality in Europe and the West by turning all Western countries into towers of babel? This was the question raised by the last Briton, Enoch Powell, in 1968. In his speech he warned that the British nation was being replaced and said that the clash of hostile cultures within a country would result in rivers of blood. Of course, Powell had to be put down, and he was.

But he has proven to be right. The rivers of blood are not the result of armed conflict between race-based armies. Rivers of blood are forming from small streams from the racial murder of white people, from gang rapes of white women, and the sharp rise in crime that is dissolving British society. The war against white people is being fought by legal means. The immigrant-invaders are obtaining legal power over the white ethnic citizens. In California the Democrats are content with illegal immigrants being police officers. A bill has been introduced in Congress to fill our military ranks with them. Immigrant-invaders have many allies in the universities, school systems, lawyers, police, and legislators. Whites, not immigrant-invaders, have limits put on their speech and protest rights.

In years past I reported from the Swedish media that Swedish women raped by immigrant-invaders fear to report the rape as they could be charged with racism. Swedish men fear to stop a rape as Swedish authorities might designate the rescue of the Swedish woman as a hate crime. These are worst than Powell's rivers of blood, because the white population cannot fight back.

In the US immigrant-invaders have become attorneys general and prosecutors and legislators and agency heads and judges and corporate CEOs and media pundits and university professors and administrators. Currently in New York, once an American state, the black Attorney General is using her power to destroy VDare, an organization that deals with the consequences of mass immigration, both legal and illegal, into the US. The black New York attorney general sees the examination of immigration issues as racist. She is destroying VDare by demanding information of its donors and by her actions causing banks and online payments mechanisms to refuse to handle donor contributions to VDare. She has forced the website to spend a million dollars without even a charge being filed against VDare.

When the immigrant-invaders gain control of the law and use it as a weapon, they don't need to use physical violence against the white ethnicities that created the country. Everywhere in the Western world white people are being dispossessed of the protection of a rule of law. Law is now weaponized against white people. Throughout Europe politicians, such as Marine Le Pen, who speak for European ethnicities are reviled in media and persecuted by their own governments. …

As I have previously remarked, a population containing such a large percentage of insouciant self-destructive people has zero future. …

It is not clear that white Western men are any longer capable of acting in their or white women's racial self-defense. The success of brainwashing and indoctrination of white people has been phenomenal. Unless there are sufficient white men left capable of rising to violent anger and coming to the defense of the Shieldmaiden, all white people will be erased from history as quickly as they are in Jean Raspail's novel, The Camp of the Saints. This novel told the future of white people in 1973. But the stupid whites were too involved with soap operas to pay attention."

Which way, Western man, and woman?



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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