Does the Deep State Plan to Murder Donny Trump? By Charles Taylor

     Articles are doing the internet rounds claiming that the Deep State is planning to assassinate Donald Trump:

“Longtime Donald Trump advisor and confidante Roger Stone is warning once again about the deep state. This time, he said that the deep state’s “plan C” is to simply murder the president, since plans A and B won’t work out.
With trust in the mainstream media at an all-time low, the global elitists are on the verge of losing their grip on humanity’s throat. And Roger Stone says emphatically that they plan to go down swinging. According to New American, the Deep State’s “Plan A,” is the imploding “investigation” into alleged “Russian collusion” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, said Stone. If and when that fails, which Stone suggested was likely and soon, the establishment would move to “Plan B.” In essence, Plan B would involve trying to get a majority of Trump’s cabinet to declare him unfit for office. This would allow Trump to be removed under the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment. This scheme is also going to most likely fail, Stone said. Last but not least, though, Stone warned of “Plan C,” which is killing the president.”

     I find this hard to believe, because, even though Trump as a symbol still gets up the noses of the Left and politically correct, the Deep State has not been harmed by his presidency, and has only benefitted. There is no wall and none will ever be built, immigration continues at a frantic pace, and Trump has given even more tax benefits to the 1 percenters. He creates the illusion of opposition, and keeps the punters in line:

     When he has served his purpose, the Deep State will just vote him out. Done and dusted.
Trump’s comments about his nuclear button being bigger than Kim’s indicates that the man is just acting the presidency according to a script handed to him by the Deep State:

     After all, as he always tells us, he is a “genius,” in fact a “stable genius” as one would find in horse stables:



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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