Does Hillary Clinton Have Fleas or Is She Just Glad to See Us? by Mrs Vera West

The allusion there is to Mae West – and don’t ask me who she was all you young folk. I was reminded of her famous quote (again to be looked up) after watching on YouTube highlights or lowlights of Hillary Clinton debate with Donald Trump. I noticed how Hillary was scratching her cheek just when Trump was nailing her. First I thought that it was nervous stress, but thinks otherwise. (My source:, September 29, 2016).

The claim is that the face scratching was secret signals to moderator Lester Holt to go to her without changing the subject. Alternative news reporters have gone back over Clinton interview footage and noted that she seldom touches her face. Interviewed World Series Poker champion Mike Matusaw, believes that Clinton was using hand signals.
I am not surprised. Trump didn’t pick up on it and was like a high school boy on a first date. He is no match for the likes of Clinton and that is why he is certain to lose. He goes to a sword fight with a feather duster. Too much ego, not enough fight.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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