Does Apple Want the Complete Destruction of All Life? By Chris Knight

This story appeared at Mike Adam’s Natural last week. It was a response to an ad that Apple did on the companies’ carbon reduction. In that ad a woke Black woman say: “Our Aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.” Adams adds the word “all” to the quote made by a Black woman representative. He rightly says that this means the end of all life on Earth, as all living things, die.


I think though that this is not what Apple as saying, and that is no defence of the globalist corporation. It is so absurd to propose removing all carbon from the atmosphere, which would destroy plant life, that even the woke would not say it as they don’t like looking like total idiots. It is not scientifically possible to even do.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook has just released an ad that advocates for the complete extermination of all life on planet Earth: Plants, animals and humans. It's part of a "climate change" cult propaganda message now being fronted by Apple, a dangerous corporation that now sees humanity as an enemy of the planet (and carbon as needing to be exterminated in all its forms).”

“But many raised a proverbial eyebrow at the glossy skit, filmed at Apple's vast One Infinite Loop HQ in Cupertino, California.

Journalist Peter Lloyd said: 'You mass-produce your products in China - one of the world's biggest polluters.' 

One claim made by an 'Apple worker' in the skit was that the company had planted  'forests' in Paraguay and Brazil. 

The tech's company's claim comes after a report in Science accused a group of giant firms - including Apple - of greenwashing by making big claims about their environmental contributions without providing detailed reports to shareholders or the public.

Marine biologist Tim Lamont was the lead author for the Science report, he told 'No business reported perfectly across the board'.

Apple also boasted about the materials they use in their products in their skit, with one 'employee' saying: 'We're also currently using 100 percent recycled aluminum in the enclosures of all our MacBooks, Apple TVs, Apple watches...' 

But Apple haven't always been proud of where their technology's materials came from. 

Apple were accused in 2016 by Amnesty International and African Resources Watch of lax oversight of their cobalt supplies.’



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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