Diversity Leads to Anarcho-Tyranny By Brian Simpson

     We are discovering that diversity in societies is not a blessing or a strength, but a curse. This screams out to us from the daily headlines, but the fact was well known to the ancient thinkers, as this excellent article reminds us:

“In his Politics, Aristotle realistically observes that diversity resulting from immigration without assimilation was a frequent cause of civil war and breakdown of civic solidarity within the Greek city-states…The importation and enfranchisement of foreigners, whether by democrats or tyrants, was also a common method to subvert the political process, destroy the constitution, and subjugate the citizenry. The archetypal example of this was the powerful and diverse Sicilian city-state of Syracuse, which was long ruled by a string of tyrants, making for a useful contrast with the homogeneous and free city-state. 

Aristotle remarked: “at Syracuse the conferring of civic rights on aliens and mercenaries, at the end of the period of the tyrants, led to sedition and civil war” (Politics, 1303a13). Furthermore, Aristotle argued that a legitimate ruler was protected by his own armed citizens, whereas tyrants used foreign mercenaries:  “Kings are guarded by the arms of their subjects; tyrants by a foreign force” (1285a16). The use of foreign mercenaries frequently led to rule devolving to a tyrant or a small clique (1306a19).”

     Since the time of Aristotle, it has been frequently observed that the ruling elites have used diversity, through mass immigration as a political weapon to divide, and ultimately demographically destroy peoples. The elites are working on precisely the same agenda today. The only advantage we have over past populations is that their activities can be monitored and quickly reported on. But, their vast power and control of finance and technology, makes our task for survival, the most difficult one any people have yet faced.

     Can we survive? Do we still have the will to do so, to do what it takes?



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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