Disputing Toxic Masculinity By James Reed

The attack upon traditional manhood, obviously done to destroy resistance to the tyranny that globalism is rolling out, is in full swing, like the mania of anti-racism. To oppose it, is to face punishment, but some will dare, and take a stand. Good for them.


“The £42,500-a-year boarding school has been accused of "prioritising
emotional safety over intellectual challenge. "Eton College has dismissed one of its masters amid a free speech row prompted by a lecture which questioned "current radical feminist orthodoxy". The £42,500-a-year boarding school has been accused of "prioritising
emotional safety over intellectual challenge" after it allegedly banned a presentation on the theme of masculinity from being delivered to students. Will Knowland, who has taught English at Eton College for nine years, alleges that he has been dismissed for gross misconduct following a dispute over a lecture he was due to give pupils earlier this year.

The lecture, titled "The Patriarchy Paradox" was part of the Perspectives course which is taken by older students to encourage them to think critically about subjects of public debate. But Mr Knowland's lecture, which he had prepared in video form and
uploaded to the school's intranet due to Covid, was never given to students."The Head Master felt that some of the ideas put forward in my lecture –such as the view that men and women differ psychologically and not all of those differences are socially constructed – were too dangerous for the boys to be exposed to," Mr Knowland said. "I explained to the Head Master that I wasn't endorsing all the ideas in my lecture, but I wanted the boys to be made aware of a different point of view to the current radical feminist orthodoxy, which insists that
there's something fundamentally toxic about masculinity. "In my lecture, I pointed out that, historically, masculine qualities like strength, courage and tenacity have often been as beneficial to women as they have been to men."

Mr Knowland wrote a detailed letter setting out his view of events in a letter addressed to the Eton Community on Thursday which he said was to address the "rumours" about why he had been dismissed. In his letter, seen by The Telegraph, he explained that schools have a
legal duty to offer a balanced curriculum adding that he believes the topic of masculinity currently "lacks balance" in the way it is taught at Eton College. He described how before his lecture was broadcast to students it was circulated among fellow teachers ofthe"Perspectives" course, one ofwhom complained about its content.

"The Head Master sided with the complainant and asked for the video to
be removed, which it duly was," Mr Knowland claimed.

He said that the dispute arose when he refused to remove the lecture
from his personal YouTube channel "Knowland Knows" which has 746

"Because I believe passionately in free speech, I said I would only take
it down if given a clear reason, which is how I ended up being
dismissed," Mr Knowland alleged.

He said he is appealing against his dismissal, and if this fails he
intends to take the school to an employment tribunal if necessary.

In a fundraising page he set up to raise money for legal fees for a
possible tribunal he said: "I have been dismissed from my employment. My
wife and I will be made homeless, along with our five children."

An Eton College spokesman said: "As this matter is being appealed as
part of the College's disciplinary process, it would not be appropriate
to comment before a final decision is made."


Here is the lecture, “The Patriarchy Paradox”:




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Monday, 22 April 2024

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