Dick Smith and the Reduce Immigration Write On By James Reed

     I have followed the media response to Dick Smith’s strategy dealing with immigration, which was to launch an attack on the growth economy. It has received almost no sympathetic response in the MSM: The Weekend Australian, September 16-17, 2017, p. 22. This is to be expected, since the MSM is pro-growth to the core.

     It has not been a wise use of money by Dick. The growth mad pro-immigration lobby accept none of his assumptions. They think that the more migrants that are brought in the more jobs are created. No matter about IT displacing jobs, migrants have so much magic that they can solve every problem.

     In Europe, the system denies that migrants are creating any problem at all, and want even more. And, here in Australia, ecological degradation is just laughed at. Even if the environment was falling apart, migrants are more important. If they could, the elites would pile migrants in so that people were stacked 100 high like sardines in a tin.

     We confront a cargo cult, a modern fanatic economic/racial religion, which promises to unite both the sinister New World Order elite, and the lowly social welfare antifa protester, in a sacred mission to abandon the West and its cultural and racial traditions. It far transcends mere economic growth issues. Migration madness is an insanity, unlike anything the universe has ever known.

     The Reduce Immigration write on cannot solve all the problems of Western civilisation, and it was never intended to do so, but it is a manageable campaign, which with modest funding could do some good. The all-out attack on growth simply will be rejected by people because the Establishment has set up the financial system with its debt production, so that an endless treadmill of growth is needed. Going down the Dick Smith path would require a deep social credit style critique of the economic/financial system. That would be well worthwhile, but Dick Smith’s critique stopped only half way.

     It would have been better to have backed the more modest Reduce Immigration Write On, for the present same sex marriage plebiscite. This can still be made into a general protest against the multicult NWO attack on traditional values by writing on one’s card: “Reduce Immigration.” This will be delivering a double whammy to them.
    You must do this, because you have nothing further to lose.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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