Developmental Disorders in Babies Born to Vaccinated Mothers: Pfizer Wants Babies to be Exposed to SIX Vaccine Shots! By Mrs Vera West

Igor Chudov has covered in detail the growing issue of developmental disorders in babies born to Covid vaccinated mothers. Extracts appear below for clarification and development, but without the complex graphics, the basic points made are that there is evidence at one year of age, babies born to mothers who had Covid, had a roughly twice-higher rate of neurodevelopmental disorders. However, given high vaccination rates, and the likelihood of many expectant mothers having three Covid vax jabs during pregnancy, it is possible that the Covid vaxxes are mimicking the Covid disease. Big Pharma did not test for developmental disorders at one year of age, given Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” before the authorities approved the three vaccine shots for expectant mothers. And now, as Igor points out, at least in the US, no doubt in Australia soon, Big Pharma wants new born babies to be exposed to six doses of the mRNA vaccine. No stone is being left unturned.


“I will explain that

  • Children of Covid vaccinated mothers were never tested for developmental disorders
  • CDC recently revised and lowered developmental milestones, and removed some entirely
  • Newly born babies will be exposed to SIX doses of mRNA vaccinesif the FDA’ approves the Pfizer vaccine.

An interesting article came out: [JAMA netw Open (2022); 5(6): e2215787]

This article found that at one year of age, babies born to mothers who had COVID (not vaccine), had a roughly twice-higher rate of neurodevelopmental disorders:

those born to the 222 mothers with a positive SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction test during pregnancy were more likely to receive a neurodevelopmental diagnosis in the first 12 months after delivery, even after accounting for preterm delivery.

Considering that COVID is a bad disease for a sizable minority of people, there is no surprise. Covid is bad and gives people all sorts of problems. Then I started thinking: a lot of adverse effects of Covid vaccines mimic the adverse effects of Covid. The younger is the vaccine recipient, the worse some effects of vaccination (such as myocarditis) are.

A great number of expectant mothers received up to three Covid vaccine shots during pregnancy. Did anyone bother testing one-year-old children of vaccinated and boosted (during pregnancy) women for neurodevelopmental disorders, before approving this vaccine for all pregnant women?

The question is, obviously, rhetorical, since “mRNA Babies” of triple-vaxed-during-pregnancy mothers are only beginning to get born right now and are at most a few months old. Not one such baby reached a year of age. So nobody tested them for developmental disorders at one year of age, before approving the three vaccine shots for expectant mothers.

The usual argument of vaccinators that “since Covid does it too, you should take the vaccine” does not hold water. To a woman who decided to take the vaccine, the probability of getting a vaccine is 100%. The probability of her getting Covid is much less. In the above study, out of 7,772 births, only 222 (2.8%) were exposed to Covid during pregnancy. So while vaccination is 100% guaranteed for those who elect to vaccinate, the chance of Covid is over 30 times less likely. And the “vaccine” does not prevent Covid anyway and does not even reduce the viral load.

There is literally zero data on one-year-old children of triple-vaccinated mothers because the oldest ones are 3-4 months old as of today.

However, there are disturbing developments regarding newborns. Vaccination does seem to have an effect on births and pregnancies.

Scottish Infants Die Too Much

The best data I found regarding recently born newborns happens to come from Scotland. They have an interesting “wider impacts” page that I am quoting below.

Infant deaths are way above average and exceeded “Alert Limits” twice.

Even pregnancy terminations went up at the end of 2021, possibly but not certainly explained by prenatal vax problems:

Low Apgar score births (for those readers who do not have kids, Apgar score is how healthy is the baby at birth, the best being a score of 10) triggered a green alarm signal:

Mind you, an Apgar score is also a developmental evaluation of sorts — at 5 minutes after birth. What will happen to the developmental milestones of those lucky babies of vaccinated mothers, who survived the pregnancies, did not die postnatally, and lived to one year of age? I literally have no idea and nobody else in the world does — the time has not passed yet.

The data we have is NOT encouraging.

CDC Solution: Remove and Lower Milestones

The CDC possibly caught a whiff of this, because in February of 2022 they literally removed half the developmental milestones, bumped some others to higher ages, and lowered standards for yet more of them. (Hat tip @CLesterwood)

About one-third of milestones like fine motor skills have been bumped up to older ages. Because of the setback, children may worsen their developmental delay, making it harder to provide early intervention, explains Jessica Hatfield, MS, OTR/L, a pediatric occupational therapist for TheraTree Pediatric Therapy.


Removing crawling as a milestone??? Are you kidding us?

For those of my readers who are parents, do you think that crawling is unimportant as a milestone?”

Vaccinated Infants — to get SIX Doses of Covid Vaxx in a Year!

Imagine a vaccine enthusiast mother, who gets three doses during her pregnancy. Say, two doses during month 4 and one during the last week of pregnancy. The unborn baby is, obviously, exposed to all that.

Then the baby is born.

If the June 14-15 FDA meeting goes as planned, FDA will approve a three-dose Pfizer vaccine for infants and toddlers. So shortly after being exposed to THREE doses of mRNA vaccines prenatally, the recently born 6 months old baby will get THREE MORE Pfizer mRNA shots.

That’s a total of, drumroll, six spike protein, and nanoparticle exposures. For a tiny newborn, all during one first year of her life.

And what if the mom has several Covids while being pregnant and vaccinated?


They will ask the mom to vaccinate the baby regardless of those covid infections. This literally amounts to six doses within a year or close to, without even counting actual covids that the vaxed moms have.

Do you think that it is a little bit too much? Do you think Pfizer or the FDA care?”



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022