Dear Editor: RE Australia Day By Louis Cook

     It is interesting to note the mutterings of a few people each Australia Day, giving vent to their ignorance of Australian History when they complain of the date, 26th January, as the day to celebrate nationhood. It is not the date that offends but Australia Day itself. They will not be happy until all of our cultural celebrations are consigned to the ‘black hole’ of ‘white’ memory. Australian history and the building of this Nation since 1788 is something to really celebrate!

     The early settlement was part of a deliberate plan, driven by pseudo economics, as European countries sought to protect and expand their trade routes. It is still happening today with Asian and other Nations. The early settlers brought with them, their political, religious and cultural beliefs and were ordered by the King of the day, George III, to befriend any indigenous people as they settled the new land – this they did! The convict element were also selected for the skills they could contribute to developing the new land … yes, it was a form of conscripted labour but many were far better off than they would have been in the old country. You would not think so reading the socially engineered history taught today.

     The American War of Independence started in 1776, two years before Governor Philip sailed into Botany Bay with the First Fleet. The bloody French Revolution of 1789 signalled great change in Europe. World events moved along with the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and then the Battle of Waterloo in 1812. Meanwhile the early settlers here were building a home for future generations—to quote the words from the National Anthem—“it was wealth for toil” and they did toil! America had a destructive Civil War in 1861 and some of the survivors made their way here to begin a new life. Australians have never experienced that type of war horror but came close in Darwin during 1942.

     To celebrate Australia Day is far more than a form of ‘beat-up jingoism’ but recognition of a Nation with a system of government that allows dissident views while welcoming foreigners to live here under our rules. Australia is one of the first countries to offer help to countries in need – compare that to the record of others! There is much more to tell but the modern socialist indoctrinated historian can only write about ‘invasion day’ and ‘black wars’ but never a mention of the work of Daisy Bates, Ion Idriess and other writers who lived through the times. Don’t take my word for it—read ‘Botany Bay: the Real Story’ by Professor Alan Frost or 'Journey to Canberra: By road from Sydney in search of history and curiosa' by Frank Clune. Be selective with your historical education because there is much written coloured by ‘Marxist theory’ and it is all red!

     Australia has much to celebrate and may have some perceived imperfections but please show us a better place to live, and then share it with the ‘boat-people’. In the meantime, the Prime Minister is making another call for a republic—look around—there is not one republic on the planet worth emulating. Heaven forbid—we could finish up with one of that lot in Canberra as the first president.

     Yes, celebrate Australia Day, look out for your friends and neighbours, and reject the political correctness fostered by the new elite as you sing with great gusto, “Australians all let us rejoice”.
  Louis Cook, (Deputy Director) Numurkah, Vic



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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