Dark Winter: The Nuclear Option By Charles Taylor

The internet is buzzing with the nuclear option that the Democrats and Left are going to drop, if, and that is looking more likely every day, Trump wins. Here is one neat summary.



“This option is a “Zero Day” attack on America’s infrastructure. This attack is likely to include:

  • Mortar attacks on police stations and fire stations (China has supplied BLM terrorists with 60 mm mortars).
  • Kinetic attacks on power grid substations and power generation plants (to plunge the nation into Joe Biden’s “Dark Winter”).
  • Violent uprisings in the streets, where Leftists deploy firearms and bombs to start mass killing conservatives and Trump supporters.
  • Door-to-door executions of Trump supporters, conservative news reporters and Christian leaders.
  • Bombings of government buildings with high explosives (C-4).
  • Shutting down national transportation by fire-bombing bridges and roadways while sabotaging rail lines nationwide.
  • Cyber attacks on hospitals, government offices and telecommunications infrastructure.

The result would be the plunging of America into chaos and civil war, which would open the country up to an invasion by communist China, the very same nation that already runs Big Tech, much of the mainstream media and nearly all high-level Democrat politicians (including Dem Senators).”

          Looks like it is going to be on hell of a time down on the farm. I suppose I should put off my Christmas shopping and buy more ammo, if there was any to get down here in Florida. No, we all have enough here, you know second amendment rights, bless them.




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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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