Dancing (Topless) in the Streets By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Health care workers are so stressed dealing with the billions of dead in hospitals, that they need some down time, time to shake off their gear (if they are female and pretty) and to go topless to get a lot of media attention. I don’t know if you Aussies got news of this one, the topless physician here in New York, which we are told is experiencing something like the zombie apocalypse:

“A medical worker de-stressed — and disrobed — in a piece of street performance art in Times Square on Monday morning. “I’ve been working for six weeks and I’ve seen a lot of death, so I wanted to mix art and costumes to relieve my tension,” the topless woman, wearing an oversize reflective feline mask and holding a kitchen knife, told The Post. “I did it to relieve some stress,” she said, asking that her identity be shielded more than her chest. The woman said she works as a physician assistant in a New York City hospital.”

     Why exactly are stressed US hospital professionals doing things like this, including dances? If they are really pressed to the boards with a deadly, deathly apocalyptic virus, you would have thought that they would not have the time for dancing? And, doesn’t this light-heartedness make fun of a supposedly solemn event? Unless … unless … they are not diligently reading Natural News.com:



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Saturday, 13 August 2022