Crooning Corona Forever? By Brian Simpson

     The authorities are now telling us to get ready for the second wave of the bug plague, with one big wit I heard on the radio saying that the second wave of the 1918 pandemic was much worse that the first, so , does this mean yet another lockdown, or do we put our feet in the water, then swim, lock downing the golden oldies, and pretty soon I will be one of them, or at least I feel and look that way. Well, get ready for this:

“Riot police clashed with hundreds of protesters in Berlin yesterday during a demonstration against coronavirus lockdown in Germany. Despite the central government easing lockdown on Wednesday, infected cases have begun to rise in Germany again, with some states saying they will not lift measures if the numbers continue to spike. Overall infections rose by 1,251 cases yesterday with 147 new deaths. In Berlin, hundreds of protesters swarmed Alexanderplatz, defying the government's limit of 50 people for outside gatherings, clashing with riot officers and shouting 'Wir sind das Volk!' ['We are the people!'] and 'Freiheit!' ['Freedom!']. Across the country, over 3,000 people were reported to have descended on Munich and thousands more flocked to Stuttgart, incensed by the government's management of the pandemic.”

     Obviously enough, people are starting to go stir crazy being locked up in their kennels and are lashing out. Who knows, some may have picked up the bug while protesting, adding to the herd immunity, and some may have given “the gift” to friendly policemen, always ready with a can of pepper spray for the eyes, or a baton for the skull, as they have been trained since cop kindergarten to do in riot control.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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