Criminal Charges Against Pfizer in Argentina, By Chris Knight (Florida)

Augusto Roux, an Argentinian lawyer, has been working on legal strategies to get around the tort protection that Big Pharma has been given with vaccines. The position taken is that criminal action is the way to go. Roux himself had signed up for the Argentinian Covid-19 vax trial. He received the jab and soon experienced pericarditis and was in ill health. However he completed the trial with a second jab, which led to him collapsing unconscious, and being taken to hospital. His condition was classified as a Covid infection injury rather than due to the vax, something he believes is a common misclassification.

His further research and evidence gathering indicated to him that trial rigging occurred to secure the approval for the vaccine. Charges were laid by Roux, including "ideological falsehood," "abandonment of person," and "non-compliance of the duties of a public official" attributable to doctors and officials involved in central studies, which while were rejected by the lower court, were upheld in the federal court, thus being the first case of a criminal prosecution of the Covid-19 vaccine sponsor in Argentina. "All of them are accused of covering up adverse reactions, concealing statistics of deaths from the vaccine and 'inventing' clinical diagnoses without evidence."

The case is proceeding through the court system, and if successful, will have world-wide ramifications.

"Argentinian lawyer/study subject/activist Augusto Roux has a new job: criminally prosecuting Pfizer and others in the COVID-19 research ecosystem of Argentina for its actions relating to COVID-19 vaccine testing. By now, at least in the United States, we are used to creative attorneys trying different angles to get around PREP Act immunity, at least in the United States. These include alleging willful misconduct, as well as a recently filed breach of contract action at the state level. Other cases argue that PREP itself is unconstitutional, given the established common law right to meaningful redress for torts suffered. But these are all civil actions and PREP's immunity from liability should in no way be seen to preclude criminal action; if a crazy pharmacist stabbed a customer in the eye during a PREP-covered vaccination, no one would argue that the police should not be called. In correspondence with TrialSite News from May 30, Augusto Roux offered some insights on how he ended up taking on this "Goliath" of the Pharma industry.

Before delving into some of our interactions with Roux, a brief overview of the situation follows.

At the time in his mid-30s, Roux, from Buenos Aires epitomizes the health professionals. Not a drinker or smoker, Augusto Roux was a runner plus one to do regular weekly cross-fit regimens. Because of his mother's lung condition (emphysema), Roux sought out the vaccine, thinking it was the right thing to do. Enter his signing up for participation in the Pfizer-BioNTech clinical trial early on at a major Buenos Aires trial site.

So, Roux like many others in the South American nation participated in the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial, on August 21, 2020, receiving the BNT162b2 jab developed by the Pfizer-BioNTech partnership.

But soon thereafter, Roux started experiencing severe adverse effects which included pericarditis—ultimately a known risk linked to the mRNA jab.

What started as just localized pain at the injection site turned into swelling of the arm and then nausea, a challenging time to swallow, and an overall feeling of being perpetually hungover.

But the mounting side effects only worsened in the first week with a distorted sense of smell. Modifying his diet Roux noticed strange anomalies such as a whitish stool and abnormally dark urine. He found ways to deal with the situation while Roux attempted to initiate the safety reporting process.

He sought to complete the job receiving his second dose so as to complete the primary series on September 9. Yet that day on the way home his health declined, complaining of shortness of breath, chest pain and a chronic feeling of fatigue.

With his condition worsening, Roux a couple days later at his home fell unconscious on the floor for around three hours. Eventually admitted to the Hospital Alemán from September 12 to 14 2020, interestingly, the hospital admission notes preclude fever and tachycardia with the staff pointing to COVID-19.

Based on all of the symptoms and diagnoses, it was most likely that the second jab in Roux induced pericarditis. With reports of high fever, breathlessness, tachycardia and chest pain, a related CT scan evidenced pericardial effusion, not linked to COVID-19 as he had tested negative nor the novel coronavirus.

Other articles exist that do a fine job breaking down the step-by-step challenges faced by Augusto Roux such as Dr. David Healy's "Disappeared in Argentina."

What ensued was a nightmare for Roux, not only because of his COVID-19 vaccine-induced injuries, but because of gaslighting, improper to outright illicit documentation, and other shenanigans evidencing a corrupted research and legal system. While Roux's condition was initially misclassified as just another COVID-19 instance, at least that's what those sponsoring the clinical trial wanted everyone to believe.

Along the way specific processes to be followed per Good Clinical Practice (GcP) apparently were forgotten in the manic race to advance the Pfizer vaccine to the clinical trial finish line. Roux experienced a rollercoaster ride trying to just have his injuries recognized—with sharp twists and turns controlled by what certainly felt like a crooked ride operator.

All this to highlight the regulatory and compliance breach violations, but also what most certainly could represent criminal content if the veracity of Roux's allegations all turns out to be fully credible.

As reported in a Substack on clinical trial rigging during the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine investigation, the deeper Roux looked into the possible misconduct and illicit behaviors, the more turned up what he believes is smoking gun evidence that Pfizer and the major research trial site of Dr. Fernando Polack and others were manipulating the trial data to ensure that Pfizer secured their approval. Which of course, they did in record time.

But Augusto Roux epitomizes a fighter for justice, and despite a David and Goliath-like situation, Roux now represents the People of Argentina against Pfizer and their ecosystem of collaborators in Argentina in a criminal prosecution.

Pfizer's representative gets lawyered up

According to Roux, he had first presented a complaint to Judge Ariel Lijo, who is already assigned to some Pfizer litigation in the South American nation. It seems to Roux that suspicions of corruption exist relating to the firm's support for Judge Lijo's prospects to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Lijo delayed responding to the complaint. Next, the case went to Judge Julian Ercolini, with assigned prosecutor Ramiro Gonzalaz. Like most places, government prosecutors generally are in charge of criminal cases. In this instance, Gonzalez has insulted and attacked Roux, even accusing him of being "crazy." This represents no normal legal, professional behavior, especially directed against an officer of the court.

Lastly, during these legal proceedings, Pfizer's representative Alejandra Gurtman was appointed two criminal defense attorneys, presumably due to exposure to criminal liability.

"Querellante particular"—Roux Represents the People of Argentina

Judge Ercolini sided with Gonzalez due, as Roux puts it, "to the [alleged] non-existence of the crime." Roux launched an appeal with the federal court, and this higher court made a ruling on May 28. The three-judge panel appointed the activist "querellante particular," or private complainant, who can act as a prosecutor going forward! A huge milestone, and perhaps the first instance of a criminal prosecution of the COVID-19 vaccine sponsor and its partners in Argentina. Roux plans to do a thorough investigation before formally moving the charges forward.

"Non-compliance of the duties of a public official"

According to official copies of the court records reviewed by TrialSite and React19 on May 28, 2024, the Judicial Branch of Argentina issued an order in favor of the lawyer Roux. Noting that Roux was appealing the dismissal of his case brought under the National Criminal Procedure Code. Also trained as a lawyer, Roux himself participated in vaccine trials, observing studies, and administering vaccines. Charges included "ideological falsehood," "abandonment of person," and "non-compliance of the duties of a public official" attributable to doctors and officials involved in central studies. The court ruled that the facts alleged were sufficient so that the lower court was wrong to quash the case.

The federal chamber also declared that the director of Argentina's National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Devices or ANMAT which sits under the Ministry of Health is to be investigated for failure to fulfill the duties of public officials, Abandonment of people for everyone and ideological falsehood of a public instrument for everyone.

Media weighs in

On May 29, offered more details about Roux's saga and Pfizer's actions in Argentina. The version reviewed is from Google Translate, from Spanish to English. Hidden deaths; "destruction of key tests;" subject abandonment, and over-hasty diagnoses are all reported to have occurred by Roux relating to the Pfizer trials.

The prospective defendants include the previously mentioned Dr. Fernando Polack, a pediatrician who conducts research and has quite a bit of influence with large pharma in Argentina; Alejandra Gurtman, M.D., senior VP and head of Vaccine Research and Development—the representative of Pfizer's clinical trial in Argentina during 2020; plus Dr. Nelida Agustina Bisio: "All of them are accused of covering up adverse reactions, concealing statistics of deaths from the vaccine and 'inventing' clinical diagnoses without evidence." Major crimes and if proven in this unique, unusual situation, the outcomes of Roux's case would be earth-shattering.

Importantly, again, the federal chamber said that the director of the ANMAT had to be investigated for failure to fulfill the duties of public officials, Abandonment of people for everyone and ideological falsehood of a public instrument for everyone.

Vaccine injury ruled out

After two doses of Pfizer's candidate product, "Roux showed up at the Argerich [Hospital] on the basis of a clinical fever table, six myalgias, headache and general discomfort such as febrile syndrome secondary to severe reactive…related to the product in research." After much study, it was "ruled out" that he had suffered a vaccine injury. This ultimate in what appears to be some of the most extreme forms of gaslighting is why this is such an important case.

Now prosecuting Pfizer, and related trial site staff like Polack and others, will justice prevail in this case? Only time will tell, but Roux should be commended for this willingness to fight and take on what appears to be the world's first criminal prosecution against COVID-19 countermeasure manufacturers.

React19, the leading non-profit advocacy seeking to ensure individuals injured by COVID-19 countermeasures are cared for and compensated, helped with this report." 



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