Covid Vax Tyranny in Austria By Richard Miller (London)

I know that Covid vaccine tyranny is bad in Victoria, Australia, but there are, believe it or not, places further down the same track, God help us. Austria, has the strictest Covid vaccine mandates in the world, and those refusing to be jabbed will be punished by the oppressive state, even being imprisoned, where I expect that they will be vaccine raped. And, what is the UN Human Rights whatever doing about this? Nothing, they are only concerned with the race and gender agenda wing of dismantling White Western civilisation.


“In the country with the “strictest vaccine mandates in the world,” Austrians who refuse the COVID vaccine could face serious penalties — including prison.

“Austria marks the first time a government has issued a mandate for all its citizens,” said journalist and political commentator Kim Iversen, on the latest episode of The Hill’s “Rising.”

Iversen told viewers the Austrian government “gave people the illusion of choice,” but because people didn’t get vaccinated voluntarily, “now they’re going to be forced into it.”

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced the mandate last week, telling the Austrian people:

“For a long time, perhaps too long, I and others assumed it would be possible to persuade Austrians to voluntarily get vaccinated, and that we could persuade them for their own protection and the protection of others, for their loved ones, friends and co-workers, but we must confront reality.”

As The Guardian reported:

“Those refusing to be vaccinated are likely to face administrative fines, which can be converted into a prison sentence if the fine cannot be recovered.”

Iversen said the vaccine policy was met with widespread backlash, with tens of thousands of Austrians taking to the streets to protest.”




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Tuesday, 28 June 2022