Covid Vax Gunk By Brian Simpson

Yesterday Natural published photographs of lab work they had done to record what the alleged blood clots look like, taken from people who had suddenly died, almost all certainly vaxxed up, after appropriate treating for photographs. The biological specimens were supplied by the embalmer, Richard Hirschman.

“These structures exhibit the following shocking properties:

  • They are tough, fibrous and resilient, showing material properties similar to small rubber bands.
  • They consist of many strands of small, fibrous strands.
  • These fibrous strands (see the very last photo set below) show repeating patterns of scale-like engineering, as if the body has been programmed to build another life form inside the blood vessels.
  • There are strange crystalline-like structures found on these clots, exhibiting transparency and resistance to normal gram staining techniques.
  • Below, you will find one example of a structure that appears to resemble a silicon-like biocircuitry or microchip-like structure. We don’t yet know what it is.
  • One of the photo sets below reveals what appears to be a biocircuitry wire which clearly shows repeating patterns and nano-scale interface structures that are assembled in a specific geometry for an unknown purpose.”

I cannot verify or refute this, but the photographs are intriguing. Covid critic Dr Jessica Rose mentions this work in a post made today:

She says: “I think we are dealing with a devilishly insipid hand-crafted (modified) RNA whose protein by-products (that appear to be multi-dimensional), following either translation, or digestion for MHC presentation, are amyloidogenic. Clinical presentation = systemic plaques/proteination of affected areas/tissues/vessels.”

Whatever; it could be even more sinister if the biocircuitry idea is true. I do not want that gunk in my veins.




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Wednesday, 17 August 2022