Covid Plandemic Update By Brian Simpson

The authorities say that the isolation, and mandatory stay at home orders are over. People should still test and get endless jabs, apparently. Really though, there is no alternative but to let this go, having had great fun being tyrants, but all things must pass, as George Harrison once said. Yet the medical technocrats want to return of the mandates if infection numbers get too high, because … freak-out … the hospitals …


“Australians who test positive to Covid-19 will no longer have to isolate, with mandatory stay-at-home orders officially scrapped.

The changes took effect on Friday.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, who led the campaign to ditch isolation rules, believes people will continue to register their Covid-19 diagnoses.

'We're moving to a system of good faith where people are looking out for each other and caring for each other,' he told reporters.

'I just want to make the point... people should still test.

'We may have further waves of Covid in the future, in fact, we probably expect that. So by testing, you're looking after yourself, looking after your family.'

Australia is set to move to a workplace health and safety regime, with the decision made off the back of lower case numbers, South Australian Health Minister Chris Picton said.

'However, the message is still the same in making sure you're staying home if you're sick, and being very conscious of people who are vulnerable in our communities,' he told reporters.

The state's chief health officer said she had no doubt the community would be able to take individual responsibility.

'There's been such a fantastic response throughout the pandemic with people following health advice,' Nicola Spurrier said.

'Quite often we didn't have things as legal directions and people still did them, I am very confident that will continue over the next month.'”



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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