Covid, Like Diamonds, are Forever By Brian Simpson

Forget about Covid disappearing with the magic bullet vaccine which will return everything to the golden age of pre-2020; Covid may be here like the flu, forever:

“Britain's Chief Scientific Adviser warns that COVID-19 will become endemic like the annual flu, despite the possible availability of vaccines by early next year.

Speaking to a Commons National Security Strategy Committee in London, Sir Patrick Vallance said the rollout of a successfully trialled vaccine would occur hopefully after the start of the British spring. However, he said these vaccines were unlikely to eradicate the virus.

Vallance said it was important to give the public a "realistic picture" of the efficacy of the vaccine, given the average time of making a vaccine "from scratch" is 10 years.

"I do think we should not over-promise," he said.

"We can't be certain, but I think it's unlikely we will end up with a truly sterilising vaccine, something that completely stops infection, and it's likely this disease will circulate and be endemic.

“And this starts to look more like annual flu than anything else and that may be the direction we end up going."

Covid is the gift that just keeps on giving, to the elites at least. For the ordinary deplorables, this has been a disaster, that will be with us until the end.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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