Covid-19 and Race Realism By Brian Simpson

     I like, as much as I dislike American Renaissance, but I must admit that the later has got better. Have they read my critiques? Who knows? Would they care? Anyway, the issue of Covid-19 having a racial basis is fascinating, and when I first read it, even though people would call me a racist (anyone white writing about race is, they say, so why argue on that point, about a silly word?), I was somewhat sceptical, but the latest piece by Lance Welton, really socks it out of the ball park. Say, has any Aussie footballer ever kicked a football out of the stadium, onto the road outside?

“The new study—“Racial/Ethnic Variation in Nasal Gene Expression of Transmembrane Serine Protease 2 (TMPRSS2)”—was published in the prestigious journal on September 10th and was carried out by three researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York [Supinda Bunyavanich; Chantal Grant, MD; and Alfin Vicencio]. It sets out to make sense of why African-Americans suffer a death rate from Covid-19 that is around three times their proportion of the U.S. population. The researchers tested a sample of 305 people in their local hospital system, the sample being 8.2% Asian, 15.4% Black, 26.6% Latino, 9.5% mixed race/ethnicity, and 40.3% White. Their key finding: the expression of the Transmembrane serine protease 2 (shortened to TMPRSS2) was significantly higher among black individuals than it was in Asian, Latino, mixed race/ethnicity, or white individuals. Why is this important? Covid-19 enters the body via contact with its airways, such as the tissues in the nose. If the TMPRSS2 gene is present in its strong form, then the body will produce high levels of the enzyme. This enzyme, present in the body’s tissues, means that the virus is better able to enter the tissues and so spread throughout the body, potentially killing the host. If the host has a high expression of TMPRSS2 in its nasal tissues, then, write the authors, “this activates the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and cleaves the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor to which the virus binds, enabling SARS-CoV-2 to enter the body” and also more easily spread. According to the research, blacks expressed TMPRSS2 at a higher rate than Asians. Asians expressed it more than Latinos, Latinos had a higher expression than Mixed race people and these, in turn, had a higher expression than whites.

This means that with regard not just to the ability to synthesise UV Light into Vitamin D, but also with regard to this cause, whites are the best adapted of these races to successfully fight off Covid-19. The nasal tissues of whites are such that, compared to other races, the Corona virus finds it more difficult to penetrate white tissues and spread through white bodies. By contrast, the WuFlu finds it relatively easy to penetrate black tissues and spread through black bodies. As the researchers summarize: Given the essential role of TMPRSS2 in SARS-CoV-2 entry, higher nasal expression of TMPRSS2 may contribute to the higher burden of COVID-19 among Black individuals . . . The finding of racial/ethnic variation in TMPRSS2 expression emphasizes that inclusion of diverse participants and analyses stratified by race/ethnicity should be incorporated into such trials. In plain English, the researchers have demonstrated once again that Covid-19 is not an “equal opportunity” disease and that it disproportionately impacts blacks for genetic reasons, among others. This means that supposedly “privileged” whites should feel no guilt whatsoever about the way in which Covid-19 disproportionately impacts blacks (except in as far as they listened to race-deniers like Dr. Gupta). And it also means that, for all but the least healthy white people, the inconvenience, destruction of liberty and economic disaster brought about by the WuFlu shutdowns has been, essentially, in vain.

It is a Democrat campaign talking point that the U.S. may have the most deaths of any developed country. But this is to be expected when about 40% of the U.S. population are non-whites and these are genetically much more likely to die of Covid-19 than are whites. To criticize the Trump Administration on this basis, as the Democrats are doing, is akin to bemoaning high crime rates in the U.S. without taking into account that blacks are a significant minority in the U.S. and commit crime at roughly the same high rates they do in black-majority countries. One problem with the TMPRSS2 hypothesis: the incidence of Covid-19 in Africa itself is quite low. I first pointed this out in April and it continues to be the case:

It’s possible that the benefits conferred by blacks’  greater ability to absorb vitamin-D in the African climate, combined with their relative absence of life-style diseases like obesity, to which American blacks are particularly prone, simply overwhelm the TMPRSS2 effect. Plus African blacks, under greater selection pressure, may have relatively stronger immune systems.”

     If true, this raises a problem for the holy hierarchy that American Renaissance operates with, with the super East Asians always trumping the inferior Whites, who must exist only by some cosmic accident of nature. And, the Covid-19 argument  is all based on some of the establishment narrative about Covid-19, but still it is useful since it throws metaphorical salty water into the eyes of the establishment on the race issue, which is always good, until we have the guts to walk away from it all:

     As for an update on race material, for the curious Aussie, here goes:

“This Cultural Marxism of a theory is an ill-founded, purely political, symbolic figment that appeals not to empirical evidence, reason and morality, but to the roiling, base emotions of rage and resentment against anyone with a white face. Say it! A “white” face: The words media conservatives cannot bring themselves to utter. Not even Mr. Rufo. The aforementioned path-blazing investigator into, and crusader against, Critical Race Theory in the U.S. concludes his inquiry thus: “Let me say it plainly: critical race theory is a toxic, pseudoscientific, and racist ideology that is taking over our public institutions—and will be weaponized against the American people.” Yet, the only Americans Critical Race Theory targets with ethnocidal animosity are white Americans. That’s also the main reason white women like Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezalpretend to be black: In America, white is bad and black is beautiful. Contra Tucker Carlson: More than they long to join the “booming racial grievance” industry—as a guest on the Fox News show contended—these pitiful poseurs want to be included in black supremacy’s mythology. Like black Americans, these women simply want to be looked upon as carrying the heaviest historic baggage; nobler and more righteous than the rest. The words “preordained and predetermined” are key to understanding Critical Race Theory, according to which power relationships in society are proscribed—and statically fixed for posterity. Consequently, Critical Race Theory always inveighs against whites and for other, more exotic identities.”

     So how did it get to this level? Well, as always, when one is surrounded by enemies, including most of one’s own kind, you give an inch and they take a light year.

“I know a software engineer employed by a private company who had to go to a sensitivity training session where white male employees had to stand up and be identified as oppressors of the female and non-white employees. There are now large numbers of firms whose service is to denigrate white males at mandatory sensitivity-training sessions that are now part of employment obligations at private, government, and government funded companies. Because of the far-reaching popularity of my columns, I receive numerous emails from white male employees describing how much they hate their jobs, because of the hostility of their female and black bosses toward white males. They pray for an Asian boss—Chinese, Japanese, Korean—because they judge them by performance, not by an anti-white male ideology. White bosses are unreliable, because they got to be bosses by being self-hating white males. What I have reported is the facts of today. Yet we hear continually that being white is a privilege. This alleged privilege, if it exists, is very rare. No white male, unless he is self-hating, has white privilege …. Nor at my friend’s software company. In her book, The Blackening of Europe, Clare Ellis describes the ideas that over the decades deracinated the white European ethnicities of confidence in their race, culture and achievements. This confidence destroying deracination has enabled the ongoing largely unopposed riots and looting in numerous American cities. The white liberals who govern these cities lack the confidence to maintain law and order. They have been convinced that law and order is a white privilege. Whether or not Trump wins re-election, Western Civilization may be in its grave, killed by white liberals and …. from the Frankfurt School imported into America. But if Trump loses re-election fairly, it will be definite proof that the structure of belief that upholds Western civilization has completely collapsed, and white people themselves will have voted their own demise.”

     This is a hard problem that the economics types just can’t see. It transcends the economic system, and all economic tinkering, as economics and finance depends upon a cultural superstructure to function, and that is what is being undermined now. But don’t get depressed, for I am working on a solution, day and night. But, it is hard to do with a people who just seem to want to die, as the above article concluded.



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