Coronavirus Visits Italy: Pizza? By Brian Simpson

     The coronavirus is marching through South Korea now, showing how ineffective communist China’s control mechanisms were. The bigger surprise is that Italy now faces the infection, with a quarantine of 12 towns, so the bug has reached Europe. Italy now has 132 cases of the virus infection, and rising.

     Medical supplies are fast disappearing, the Chinese getting ahead of the curve. Our just in time delivery system, is highly vulnerable, operating on the edge of collapse, much like the wider social  system. This video may produce the appropriate sense of angst:

     As detailed in each article I Do on this topic, perhaps the main impact upon the West will be economic, due to the insane level of global interconnectedness that has been created, especially based around China, especially in Australia:

“For the past two weeks, even as the market took delight in China's doctored and fabricated numbers showing the coronavirus spread was "slowing", we warned again and again that not only was this not the case (which recent data out of South Korea, Japan and now Italy has confirmed), but that for all its assertions to the contrary, China's workers simply refused to go back to work (even with FoxConn offering its workers extra bonuses just to return to the factory) and as a result the domestic economy had ground to a halt as we described in:

•    China Has Ground To A Halt: "On The Ground" Indicators Confirm Worst-Case Scenario
•    China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero
•    Terrifying Charts Show China's Economy Remains Completely Paralyzed

Unfortunately, it's not getting any better as the latest high frequency updates out of China demonstrate:
Also unfortunately, it is getting worse, because as we explained several weeks ago, China is now fighting against time to reboot its economy, and the longer the paralysis continues, the more dire the outcome for both China's banks and local companies. And since it is no longer just "scaremongering" by "conspiracy blogs", but rather conventional wisdom that China may implode, here is a summary of how the narrative that "it will all be over by mid-March" is dramatically changing. Let's start with Chinese businesses: while China's giant state-owned SOEs will likely have enough of a liquidity lifeblood to last them for 2-3 quarters, it is the country's small businesses that are facing a head on collision with an iceberg, because according to the Nikkei, over 85% of small businesses - which employ 80% of China's population - expect to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month. Should this happen, not only will China's economy collapse, but China's $40 trillion financial system will disintegrate, as it is suddenly flooded with trillions in bad loans….if China's doesn't find some miraculous solution to the current coronavirus crisis, in two months China will face a financial, economic and social cataclysm the likes of which it has never seen in its modern history.”

     This is deadly serious stuff, since a collapse of China will almost certainly mean a global economic collapse, produced by the globalist kick-on effect. Thus, imagine how the Australian economy will be. Take the universities, which are trembling in their urine at the thought of less Chinese students to keep their nonsense afloat. It will be painful, but I suppose it is like a heroin addict going cold turkey to get over it. Australia, and the West, needs such a lesson in cold hard reality, that only Mother nature can deliver.



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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